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The following on-line "chapters" have been made available as little notes, articles and white papers:

  1. Internet Encoding File Formats
    Featuring the Internet File Transfer formats such as uuencode/decode, xxencode/decode, base64 encode/decode in a single TBUUCode component (part of the DrBob42 package for Delphi and C++Builder).
    Also introducing the basics of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CGI (Common Gateway Interface).

  2. HTML and CGI/WinCGI "the hard way"
    Showing how to publish contents of your database on the internet by (1) generate static HTML-pages from your database tables and (2) writing CGI/WinCGI applications to perform queries on that data (without using Delphi Web Modules).

  3. Microsoft WinINET
    Featuring detailed examples how to use Microsoft's WinINET (for Win32 developers) for the HTTP and FTP protocols, for example with DrBobFTP and other Webmaster Magic tools.

  4. Delphi ActiveForms (intranet)
    Showing how ActiveForms differ from stand-alone ActiveX controls, how to make ActiveForms, use them, deploy them and how to convert existing Forms into ActiveForms. Security and file size reduction (by using packages) is also explained in detail, as well as deployment including BDE and using ActiveForms to write n-tier applications.

  5. Delphi Web Modules (internet)
    Featuring a short (re-)introduction in CGI, WinCGI and ISAPI/NSAPI, followed by treatment of Web Modules, the WebDispatcher and WebAction components. The special HTML generating PageProducer, DataSetTableProducer and QueryTablePoducer are also covered, including methods how to save state information (both by using cookies and "hidden" fields).

  6. Bonus: JBuilder Java Beans development using Java BeansExpress
    This may potentially become a bonus chapter about how to write, document, use and deploy JavaBeans using JBuilder's Java BeansExpress.

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