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 Dr.Bob's DrBob42 - WebBroker Express Package
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DrBob42 - WebBroker Express Component Package
The DrBob42 package contains a new WebBroker component called TDrBobQueryTableProducer with an additional property QueryHTMLFile and a special TQueryHTMLFilePropertyEditor that produces a Wizard that can be used to dynamically produce a HTML Query Form that can be used as input webpage for the Query TableProducer.
The TEST.DPR project can be used to demonstrate the process of generating a dynamic HTML CGI (input) Form using the Wizard. However, when used at design time as property editor of the QueryHTMLFile property, the Wizard is much more efficient as the entire Query information is passed (you have to try this for yourself to experience the easy-of-use).

Apart from this new WebBroker component and property editor, the DrBob42 package also contains a number of new InternetExpress components. First of all, the TWebCheckBox and TQueryCheckBox components, which introduce the long awaited (and much needed) HTML checkbox controls to the Web Page Editor of Delphi 5 and InternetExpress. Furthermore, I often have need of a special Submit button. One that either closes a browser (pop-up) Window, called the TCloseQueryButton, or one that executes some special JavaScript code before it submits the Form, called the TJavaScriptSubmitQueryButton. And finally a button that executes some JavaScript code but does not submit the Form at all, called the TJavaScriptButton.
An article that explains the inner-workings of these new InternetExpress components has just been published on my website in the May 2000 Dr.Bob Examines...

As a special bonus, the DrBob42 package also contains some low-level internet components such as the TBUUCode, TBCRC, TBSMTP, TBPOP3 and TBFTP components (and a TFileName property editor). Each of these components contains a short example as well.
This brings the total content of the DrBob42 package to six non-visual VCL components, two property editors and five new InternetExpress components.

Some of these components are four years old, others are quite new. I always work on new additions and enhancements, which can be found on my website at - the same location where you can find IntraBob v5.0, my freeware CGI Tester and ISAPI Debugger.

The DrBob42 package is freeware, provided as-is, but use at your own risk (I cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong while using these components), but I'm open to feedback, suggestions and other comments by e-mail to
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