Teach yourself Borland JBuilder 2 in 21 Days
by Donald Doherty & Michelle M. Manning

Teach yourself Borland JBuilder 2 in 21 Days
Donald Doherty & Michelle M. Manning
Sams.net publishing
745 pages (no CD-ROM)
Teach Yourself JBuilder 2 in 21 Days, not only covers JBuilder, but the Java programming language as well (from the basics to advanced topics). Every chapter is concluded with a summary, exercises, and questions & answers.
In the first week Donald and Michelle cover JBuilder basics, like an introduction and tour of the JBuilder 2 IDE. Also, in three days, they go from Java Basic to Java Advanced. At the end of the week covers how to use JBuilder for GUI design, including the GUI beans included with JBuilder 2.
The second week starts with a look at the Application and Applet Wizards of JBuilder 2, followed by topics like I/O programming, compiling and debugging, handling of event, exceptions, and an introduction to the JBuilder Database Architecture.
The third week contains somewhat more advanced topics, like a more in-depth coverage of the database architecture, and Java topics like multithreading and persistence. About halfway this week, it's the turn for JavaBeans to be covered. A shortcoming in this chapter is the omission of the new Java BeanExpress wizards that are available in JBuilder 2. Finally, deployment of Java programs, network programming, and the inside of Java (virtual machine, bytecodes, etc.) are explained in the last days of this week.
The appendices of the book contain the answer to exercises, additional resources, and an explanation of the command-line tools available with JBuilder 2.

Those who have already read Teach Yourself Borland JBuilder in 21 Days, will not find much new information in this book. The parts about Java are basically the same. Only the new features or changed functionality in JBuilder 2 differs from the previous book. But if you are just starting to learn Java and you want to use JBuilder 2 for it, this book is a good deal. All you need to know about Java to start building applications and applets is clearly explained in this book.

(Hubert Klein Ikkink and Bob Swart)

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