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New Hotfix Rollup - Hotfixes 1-10f (except 2)

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/10/2007 7:24:27 PM (GMT+1)

I'm not quite sure when it was released, but we can now download a new Hotfix Rollup, containing Hotfixes 1-10f (except 2) for Borland Developer Studio. Install BDS 2006 Update 2 before installing these hotfixes, and the new Hotfix Rollup can also be installed if you've already installed the previous Hotfix Rollup (with Hotfixes 1-9 (except 2)).

Here are the details for Hotfixes 10a-f:

  • BDS2006 Update 2 Hotfix 10a
    This hotfix contains a fix for the source code editor. If the source code contained accented or international characters, viewing the code as text and then returning to the file format would erroneously reset the source code to default ANSI, thereby losingthe accented or international characters.
    The source code (.pas) might become corrupt, especially if the source code was larger than 64K and if the accented or international characters occurred only after the intial 64K.

  • BDS2006 Update 2 Hotfix 10b
    This fix incorporates the following enhancements and fixes:

    1. The enhancement suggested in QC Report # 26063 to improve the SOAP deserialization of multiref objects and arrays.
    2. The WSDL importer now exposes elements with 'maxOccurs="unbounded"' as arrays and the SOAP runtime handles the conversion to and from XML. (QC #35512)
    3. TXSDateTime (and other TXSxxxx types) can now be serialized as XML attributes (QC #10969)
    4. The WSDL importer now handles schemas included or imported by the schema embedded within a WSDL.
    5. An uninitialized TXSDateTime will default to the value of "0001-01-01T00:00:00" instead of "1899-12-30T00:00:00.000".
    6. The WSDL published by Delphi applications was updated to be more compliant with the style expected by WSDL2Java importers.
    7. The SOAP runtime properly restores enumerated identifiers that were renamed because of conflicts with Delphi keywords or directives.

  • BDS2006 Update 2 Hotfix 10c
    Removes the length limitation on search paths. Specifying a large number of deeply nested directories could exceed an internal limit.

  • BDS2006 Update 2 Hotfix 10d
    This hotfix addresses the issue of Korean characters in the code editor initiating unwanted cold folding and causing access violations.

  • BDS2006 Update 2 Hotfix 10e
    This hotfix contains a fix for the VCL form designer to allow the F1 help key to query the help system for the selected component.

  • BDS2006 Update 2 Hotfix 10f
    This fix enables all COM\ActiveX menu items and wizards that are in the Pro version of Delphi.


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