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Kylix - Borland Classic Product

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 8/26/2005 9:49:30 PM (GMT+1)

Borland Classic Products now lists Kylix 3 among classic products such as Borland Turbo C++ (which seems to include C++BuilderX Personal) and Turbo Assembler. For some people, this means Kylix is dead now, but I don't completely agree with that conclusion.

Sure, it may be the end for Kylix support and future development of Kylix itself, but as a developer I still use Kylix 3 (or rather Delphi 7 + CrossKylix with the Kylix 3 stuff from the CD) to write and deploy some Linux web server and web service applications for some of my clients.
So for me, the rumours of Kylix' death have been greatly exaggerated ;-)

Groetjes, Bob Swart



Daniel Wischnewski05/08/27 13:25:54Hi Bob, okay Kylix is not dead, but certainly, they try to drown it though. I never had really the chance to get started on Kylix as Linux didn't make it onto my machines, but I have Kylix 3 too, as it came with Delphi 7. I had installed it just out of curiosity, I started it and played with it, sadly never much more. I hope you give your copy a chance for a long, long live and prove me "dead wrong" ;-)
jan@safka.cz05/09/21 11:44:10Hi, our company uses Delphi clx / Kylix to develop quite complex groupware/CRM application. We are currently investigating possibilities to move out from Kylix (probably to If we could find the way to implement high quality 3rd party HTML writing component (in wysiwyg), we would not need to do so. If you know about anything, please send me suggestion. I would very much appreciate it.
Mario Jose Canto Barea05/09/26 19:15:56i think that was a mistake of Borland leave the support of Kylix and C++ Builder someday somebodys make a good suite for developer programs for plataforms windows-linux and will GNU license ( free ) , then will too later for borland ( for think only the windows) For example as Mono Project.
L50505/10/17 00:49:48I think the market is in linux websites, server programs, and daemons running on linux boxes. Kylix didn't offer you the ability to click a button to test your linux website immediately from MS Windows. Yet PHP offers people the ability to upload PHP files from a windows machine. With Kylix, to build web applications: you had to compile it on a real linux machine, and most delphi users don't use linux as their main OS. Then after compiling it, you had to upload it with your FTP program seperately. That isn't integrated. It's close, but not close enough.
w96005/10/24 10:51:05With CrossKylix you can do all those in a Windows machine except running the program
Perger Attila05/10/25 01:20:23I am developing GUI and WEB applications on my box WinXP/FC4 ... I use Delphi 2005, Delphi 7 with CrossKylix and Kylix3 ( I can recompile everything again under Linux what I need: storage handler system, invoces...). I check new developer tools, but I can not find ONE tool which can provide me: Cross Platform, DB connections (DbExpress, ZeOSLibs), Report designer (RepMan), Apache 1-2 DSO, SOAP techology, GUI designer and code maintenance.... Kylix is not free, contains some bugs (I know, I know), BUT THE BEST what I have seen.
w96005/10/25 12:32:45the gui of a kylix app does not look same as other KDE apps in the Linux, maybe its due to the use of qt2, anyway to use qt3?
Perger, Attila05/10/25 16:11:34Hello, I use QThemes 2.0.8, it is provide me the solution. I have seen Andreas Hauslander's Qt3 units, but in this way I should lose the benefits of Kylix GUI builder.
w96005/10/26 04:30:22Thanks for the tip, i tried QThemes, it works! I noticed same app might look different in Windows and Linux, do you have any tips about this? example: what are the fonts should be used to look more or less the same in both platforms? thanks.
Attila, Perger05/10/27 18:22:19Hello, The look and feel is the same in linux and windows... The link, but I think you know this: The package contains documentation how can you use the QThemed package. You need the Themes directory only under linux by default, but there are other possibiliteis: read this topics.... I have a DEMO application (storage system and invoices; in Hungarian unfortunatelly) which running under Win32 and Linux (kernel 2.4.x/2.6.x), too. Maybe you can see the result: 1. you should extract *.tar.gz into the default directory "/usr/share/SmartStorage" 2. make symbolic link into "/usr/bin/" directory from and 3. call with name of the symlink to create PostgreSQL or FireBird DB structure. Call the script from comman line first because you should type the DB password here not in the GUI (only if you use PostgreSQL) 4. call with name of the symlink to start the program, type userid and password and 5. In the menu you can see "Felület" = "look and feel" 6. Good lock! Translation help/dictionary! Sorry again: Attila
Attila, Perger05/10/27 18:24:21In the script there are same "magic": I define latin2 characters, it must be installed on the system By
Attila Perger05/11/04 20:20:56Hello, Kylix is not DEAD: I am HAPPY.
Berend Otten05/12/15 15:36:06Can you elaborate on why changing the start script (LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5) will let kylix applications run on newer kernels? i.e. I am using Mandriva LE 2006 with KDE on an AMD 3200+, 1 GB ram machine.
Attila, Perger05/12/20 09:13:43Hello, You need a bit more modification but not difficult: You should add into the "/etc/rc.d/rc.local" file "echo > 1 /proc/sys/vm/legacy_va_layout". And see the following websites: CrossKylix ( Unofficial Patches ( or Merry Christmas
Berend Otten05/12/27 10:55:28Thanks! Tha gives me enough to do during christmaas holliday :-) The more I use Kylix, the more I get adicted to it. (I first had to overcome the cold water fear, for I was used to the richness of D7 on XP).
a Test06/02/13 13:07:14Borland Software Corp.'s acquisition of Segue Software and divestment of its integrated development environment tools line is being viewed as the inevitable evolution of the tools space, with the force of the open-source movement and not owning the platform being key factors. Borland, of Cupertino, Calif., announced its intent to acquire Segue Software, Lexington, Mass., and to divest of its IDE tools.
Attila, Perger06/02/14 13:10:30It is not too clear for me, but ... I hope the buyer of Bornald IDE Lines will reanimate Linux/Kylix IDE. I am praying
Jan06/03/02 17:03:19We have a large Kylix CLX code base, so we are praying aswell. But my prayers have never helped, so in parallell I am looking at lazarus and MSE IDE. To enhance the looks of lazarus I even started a Qt4 binding. MSEIDe looks very promising and pure pascal, so no endless problem of updating the gui bindings.
Attila, Perger06/04/10 10:26:09If somebody could forwart this message to the right repsion, please! "BORLAND! Please give some help to the following peoples who are planning to fix kylix (IDE, run under libc 2.4, CLX, and so on...): Andreas Hausladen, alias "Zeljko". Attila Perger from Hungary. Thanks for it!
Anderson06/04/25 22:55:47if kylix not run (news distros)... bye bye delphi... (cross plataform is very important)
Attila, Perger06/04/30 10:39:44The kylix compiled programs are able to run on newer distros, but Kylix IDE can not run on FC5 (it uses libc 2.4). But I think the backward compatibility will be solved, besause there are other programs which require libc compatibility.
Anderson06/05/03 22:52:33New computer->new hardware->new kernel compatible (drivers) = new distro and kylix IDE not run. Help Borland Support - patches please.
Steve Sidwell06/05/04 03:45:17I've just used Kylix to write a backup program to back data from a Linux box (doing data logging collection) to a Windows PC. The Windows PC is running a running a server using Intraweb. It works fine, but I used SOAP for most of the comms and if the connection is broken (using modem link) then HTTPRIO sometimes hangs on the Linux end. I have to press CTRL-C to get it going again. There seem to be no timeouts as there are in the Delphi HTTPRIO. Can you give any advice? Many Thanks, Steve.
Roger Montague06/05/15 22:45:25Hi, Is anyone sucessfully using Kylix 3 with a recent version of Linux? I've got Kylix 3 Enterprise and have been working on and off in the last few weeks to get it installed on Fedora Core 5, and have been running into one issue after the next. I'm thinking it might be easier to get a distro that its known to work with. Any suggestions? BTW, I love the "legacy" Borland products since I fell in love with Turbo Pascal 3. I hope they can find a home where they will be supported and valued. Roger
Attila Perger06/05/17 10:24:39Hi, I use my Kylix 3 Professional (Delphi IDE) under FC4 (FC5 uses glibc 2.4, unfortunatelly it is not good for Kylix IDE). I can run my kylix-based programs under FC5, too. :-)
Adi...06/10/17 11:55:53any idea why i can't run kylix3 under Fedora Core 5??? Please help me with this...
Gerhard 06/10/31 17:13:36Hi, my kylix3 app crashes with errors giving me a memory dump on suse 10.1. Has anyone recompiled the kyix rtl to support newer libc?
Martin06/11/14 08:15:13Our codebase consists of an internal developed SCADA (industrial control) software system in Kylix. For us crossplatform compatibility is essential. We've also looked at Lazarus but it seems to be buggy though. Unfortunately there are not much alternatives for what we do since all of the drivers are now delphi components. (Like Async pro..) Anyone knowing of a stable platform with good gui tools not being JAVA or JIT compilers please respond
Attila Perger07/01/03 18:54:48New computer->new hardware->new kernel compatible (drivers) = new distro and kylix IDE not run. CodeGear - patches please.
Bob Swart 07/05/07 21:08:04I still use Kylix, although it's getting less and less. CodeGear may not be supporting it, but it still works (using CrossKylix and Delphi 7), so for me it's still not dead, yet...
Attila Perger 07/05/10 14:54:27I am using too, But unfortunatelly I can not see the future. I use FC4 and WinXP/CrossKylix/Delphi7 to develop on my laptop. My applications are running On FC4-5-6, Debian 3.1-4.0, UHU-1.0-1.2-2.0, CentOS 4-5. Bob Swart, please tell to CodeGear: Lost of people like Kylix and use it, a small fix would be enought to survive! Take a look:
Tolga 07/05/16 11:25:40I wrote web service in C# but I don't use this web service in delphi windows service) is running windows application. thanks.
Dr.osama 07/12/30 23:38:02I Would like... a) ... CLX to be more compatible with the VCL in a future version of Kylix even though it breaks backwards compatibility. b) ... the Kylix footprint were not so big. c) ... Linux were not so caotic. d) ... dot NET down. e) ... using less Delphi for Win. d) ... kylix another chance. e) ... run kylix appz like in Windows. f) ... run Crystal Reports in Kylix.

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