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Software Development Network Event 2017 #1

Posted: 3/17/2017 2:07:45 PM (GMT+1)

At the first Software Development Network Event of 2017, Bernd Ua, Frank Lauter and Bob Swart will give Delphi presentations.

Spring with Delphi - Bernd Ua
Spring4D is an open source framework containing a bunch of very helpful base classes and interfaces like multicast events and interface based collections. A dependency injection container is another interesting part of the framework. Among other things the upcoming Release 1.2 adds an ORM and mocking classes. The Session provides an overview over the Spring4D framework and shows how to use Spring4D classes and interfaces effectively.

FMX - Software Development for the Future (Frank Lauter)
This session shows an easy approach into Firemonkey. From rookie questions to powerful parallel pipeline programming. Why some “things” are different and how to build a fast/responsive program – with maintainable source – on all platforms.

Delphi en Linux (Bob Swart)
In this session, Bob talks about Delphi and Linux (and what Delphi 10.2 Tokyo will mean).

Exceptions done right (Bernd Ua)
Errors and occurring exceptions are poorly handled in many programs. Looking at the code you can find programming sins like "empty exception handlers" or "raise Exception.Create (")" that should better be avoided. The session discusses why you should handle exceptions differently, how better exceptions handler look like and clarifies what is happening on the stack, when an exception is raised. We discuss technical questions like, what does the Delphi rtl do, when an exception handler is executed. How can you circumvent this default behavior, if needed? What do have to pay Attention to, when dll or thread boundaries come in to play?

FDK - The Firemonkey Development Kit (Frank Lauter)
Get rid of your boilerplate code, easy use of stuff, you’ve never tried. Use new programming techniques to write better, faster and maintainable Sourcecode. Speedup you development. More “Uses”, less typing. Decouple you units for better Testing and modular Sourcecode design. These are the topics of this session and of course it is for VCL-Developer, too


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