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Product Roadmap August 2016

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 8/31/2016 11:19:34 AM (GMT+1)

The Product Roadmap August 2016 is published.

In February, we provided a detailed view of our Product Roadmap and we committed to update this Roadmap every six months to provide our many customers with good visibility into what is to come. As requested by many of you, we are moving to more updates and one larger release per year.
We have an exciting plan* that we will continue to fine tune to reflect customer and MVP requirements and input. One change from before is RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Update 2 that will provide required support for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, with specific support for the Windows Desktop Bridge, also known as Centennial. This update will also include new Win10 Anniversary Styles and UX controls.
While we continue to make excellent progress on Godzilla, we want to keep up-to-date with Microsoft developments. To further expand our Windows 10 support, Update 2 will also include new Windows 10 Anniversary Edition styles and user interface controls.
As it was already discussed, the plan is to go back to a yearly release cycle, and offer 2 or 3 updates with additional features and support for new versions of the operating systems released during that time frame. This is an overall view of the roadmap, followed by some detailed comments by the three RAD Studio Product Managers: Marco, David, and Sarina.


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