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Delphi Developer Days 2014: May and June

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 3/17/2014 5:43:13 PM (GMT+1)

Mark your calendar or agenda: Delphi Developer Days 2014, featuring Cary Jensen and yours truly Bob Swart, are coming your way in May and June 2014.

We start by visiting two cities in the USA: Washington DC/Baltimore on May 5-6, and Chicago on May 8-9. Then, we move to Europe for Frankfurt on May 26-27, Amsterdam on June 12-13 and finally London on June 18-19.

Delphi Developer Days consists of two days on in-depth coverage of Delphi development techniques for all Delphi users: beginner and experienced alike. This is facilitated by a number of joint sessions, where Cary and I will be presenting certain topics together, but also a number of separate or breakout sessions, where Cary and I each cover a specific topic in a separate room. To make it easier to choose, we include a course book where all sessions are covered in detail - often even more detail than was presented during the session itself). These course books are only available to Delphi Developer Days attendees, and will be valuable to your Delphi development for a long time to come.

See for the event agenda which includes the overview of the joint sessions as well as the separate topics that Cary and I will present. Those who attended previous years, or even last year, will notice that we have a lot of fresh material and topics. So it never hurts to get back to attend Delphi Developer Days if you've joined us in the past.

Our joint sessions include an overview of Mobile Development, how to get started on iOS and Android development. We also have a session on Advanced Language techniques, showing you more power in the Delphi language than most people are actually using on a daily basis. We also have a session on data awareness in cross platform applications; specifically for FireMonkey applications without the use of data-aware controls. This turns out to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for people trying to turn a Windows-only VCL application into a cross platform application, or when trying to create a mobile application from scratch. In this session, we'll show both LiveBindings and other data aware solutions for cross platform applications.
Our final joint session is the famous Tips, Tricks and Techniques session, as well as the general Q&A roundtable of course.

When it comes to my breakout sessions, I'm happy to say that I'm covering topics that I really want to talk about (having quite some real-world experience to put into these presentations). The session on Exploring the Cross Platforms is - among others - about the differences in the file system and permissions on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Not easy to figure out on your own or using trial-and-error, and a good way to get beyond the "starting point" if you want to develop cross platform or mobile applications.
Another session is about Advanced Mobile DB Development, where I demonstrate both how to use (and deploy) local tables as well as how to turn your mobile device into a smart client connecting to DataSnap servers using DBX or REST. There may be some exiting new features in this topic that I'm not allowed to talk about, yet, but stay tuned for more.
I'm also doing a session on Effectively using (DB) Business Rules. From data entry validation on edit fields to more complex field validations on both the client side (for single or multiple field connections) and intra-table relationships and constraints at the server side.
I'm also covering REST development and the new REST client tools, including the REST debugger which was introduced in Delphi XE5.
Finally, the topics of effectively using exceptions, assertions and unit testing is also on my agenda. Techniques that have been available for a while, but it never hurts to be reminded or see them in use in perhaps a different way than before.

Again, see the agendaor download the more detailed session descriptions from for more information.

Booking has been open for a few weeks, see for the pricing and registration options. Each city is limited to 42 people, and last time we had to close registration for some cities when we reached that limit! Discounts off the event price are available for early registration. Previous DDD attendees (with verification) receive an extra discount. Contact us for group discounts for 3 or more registrants from same company with same billing/invoice.

I hope to see lots of you at the Delphi Developer Days 2014 in one of these cities. Looking forward to it...


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