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X-Mas Wish List: Delphi XE5 Enterprise Upgrade + Subscription

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 12/17/2013 2:33:16 PM (GMT+1)

My recommended X-mas Shopping List would contain one main item: a Delphi XE5 Enterprise Upgrade + Subscription.

Clarification: right now, you can upgrade from any old version of Delphi to the latest edition, XE5. And of course, you'd want to have full support for mobile development (Android and iOS) as well as remote capabilities (using DataSnap, REST and SOAP), so the Enterprise edition of Delphi is what you'd need. Now, since Embarcadero has made it clear it will be more than likely that we'll see more than one release of Delphi each year, you would really be doing yourself a favour by adding a subscription of Delphi Enterprise (at 750 Euro - half of the upgrade price) to your X-mas wish list as well...

If you wait until next year, you need at least Delphi XE in order to quality for an upgrade (and the prices may go up in 2014), so do not wait too long...

Developers from Europe can place an order from my webstore at (in English) or (in Dutch).

All the special offers from Embarcadero also apply if you order from me (most are simply available from the XE5 Registered Users page), including Nick Hodges' eBook and the InfoPower VCL & FM grid.

If you order from me, you not only order from an Embarcadero MVP, you also get free half-day seminars in Helmond Brandevoort (last one was in October 2013), and my Delphi Development Essentials courseware manuals in PDF format in your mailbox.



delphi 13/12/18 09:22:55Unfortunately, the upgrade from XE2 pro to XE5 pro still costs around 500 euro, and I have looked and looked, but there are no enhancements that justify the price. Please Embarcadero, look at what Anders Hejlsberg and his team have achieved with C# in Visual Studio. Also look what the Resharper tool does. Delphi still rules in the Win32/64 native code world, important for our industrial applications. But the Delphi IDE and runtime libraries have lost soooo much ground. I just groan when I have to return to Delphi projects.
Peter 13/12/19 10:48:36Upgrade prices should contain a one year subscription, as this is the usual procedure with all other software vendors. Embarcadero is the only software vendor I know who sells upgrades without subscription. I don't like this.

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