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French BDS for Visual Studio nonsense...

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 12/2/2006 12:39:59 PM (GMT+1)

Yesterday, I was pointed to an article from an otherwise respectable French IT website, which claimed - incorrectly - that "Une version de BDS sous Visual Studio avec une VCL compatible Vista est attendue pour 2007" or, in English, a version of BDS for Visual Studio with VCL compatible with Vista is expected for 2007. The rest of the article made little sense either, mentioning VCL for C# and C++ for .NET and other things that "missed the beat" (apart perhaps the expectation that Kylix - Delphi for Linux - might be abandoned).

Trying to get confirmation from CodeGear, both Nick Hodges (Delphi Product Manager) and Michael Swindell (CodeGear VP of Product Strategy) immediately said that the claim in this article was completely false. Delphi will not be integrated with Visual Studio.

So just in case this rumour spreads any further: it's just FUD and easily refuted.


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Bob Swart06/12/03 09:59:18Nick Hodges now also comments on it article (and the claims in it) in his blog at

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