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The Delphi Magazine - March 2007 last "formal" issue

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 12/1/2006 5:15:16 PM (GMT+1)

The first issue was published in April 2005, and March 2007 will be the last "formal" issue of The Delphi Magazine. In 2006 the magazine was turned from a real paper magazine into a PDF magazine, offering an online subscription that gives access to all articles from issue 97 (September 2003) onwards. Unfortunately, as Julian Bucknall mentioned in his blog, the editor Chris Frizelle felt that the subscriber base and the interest (and faith?) in Delphi may not be enough to warrant the same quality and content every month.

After the March 2007 issue, people can still get access to all articles. In fact, for those without a current subscription this is the best time to take a "web access subscription" to get access to all issues since September 2003. This will cost a one-time payment of only Sterling £35.25 (no more complaints about being overpriced).

Officially, there is no guarantee that new articles and content will be published after the March 2007 issue. However, as long as I'm around, I'll do my best to produce new articles on a regular basis (at least until the end of 2007 - after that, it depends on the demand and feedback if more articles will be produced). It's a shame the monthly issues will come to an end, because the new year will actually offer some interesting new topics to write about with .NET 2.0/3.0 and Vista support.

Worst case, I have to look at other places to publish my Delphi articles after 2007. In the meantime, if you're not already a subscriber, do yourself a favour and get a "web access subscription" to get your hands on the more in-depth technical articles on Delphi. At this price, you won't be sorry, promise!



Michael06/12/01 3.0 support from CodeGear next year? that wasn't a slip was it :)
Larry Hengen06/12/01 21:15:30Thanks for the tip. I purchased both the 2005 CD and the web access. It's a great deal for what I have long thought were better articles than those in the Informant.
Jason Sweby06/12/04 12:53:47Shame, I contributed several articles and was planning on writing some more in the near future; I will still try although it's a shame that the monthly mag has gone.
Peter Naldal06/12/05 00:45:22The Delphi Magazine has been my programming companion all the way since the very first issue. Now I feel rootless... But it comforts me that you and other TDM regulars will continue to write articles, that you enjoy writing and I and many others enjoy reading. Thank you Bob for your energy!
David Champion06/12/05 11:20:50Thanks for you're commitment. Have just subscribed to web access. This was my main problem after Chris stopped printing the Magazine. The price should have dropped by half. I still much prefer paper to web. Would love to help out. And bet many other Developers would too.
Alan 08/08/23 22:33:36Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

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