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The Delphi Survey for 2006

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 10/30/2006 9:22:54 AM (GMT+1)

Nick Hodges has just announced a Delphi Survey for 2006. In 12 sections of in total about 60 questions (it feels like 100), we are asked all kinds of useful information on the version/edition of Delphi we use, as well as the technologies used (and wanted, like .NET 2.0, UNICODE for VCL, CF, Vista), application types we develop, and much more.

Please do yourself and other Delphi developers a favour and take the time to fill out this survey!

Warning: the survey requires JavaScript to be active, and in my browser setting that means adding its domain to the list of (temporary) trusted sites, otherwise (with JavaScript disabled) you'll find the bottom at the end of the page to be useless when trying to submit the survey. Been there, done that, had to fill in the servey again! *%&$^%$


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CF.Net06/12/12 11:53:46Lets hope Borland actually listens to the requests for a decent mobile development platform this time! Its all well and good building DLL's for CF.Net (albeit a little fiddly) and writing the front end in C#; it would be a whole lot easier to do it all in Delphi.

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