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Happy Birthday Delphi

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/14/2013 12:46:46 PM (GMT+1)

I cannot imagine what my life would look like without Delphi, or what it would have been if it wasn't for Pascal and Delphi. At the University of Amsterdam, where I got my Computer Science degree, the first language that I learned was Pascal (as well as Fortran, Algol-68, Module-2, C, Java and Assembler). Getting my hands on a copy of Turbo Pascal II and an IMB XT computer really helped me to get started, and allowed my love for Pascal to grow. In fact, when my wife Yvonne and I had our first son in april 1994, we named him Erik Mark Pascal. Less than a year later - 18 years ago today - we witnessed the launch of Delphi. Love at first sight. Again. So when our daughter was born in October 1996, we named her Natasha Louise Delphine.
A few years later, just before the "burst" of the internet bubble, Kylix was released, Delphi's sibling for Linux. My wife and I briefly considered the name "Kyli" (if we would have had a third child), but in retrospect we're glad we decided to stick with "just" two kids ;-)
After the "internet bubble", I decided to start my own company (or rather, I was "asked" to - read: laid off), so I quit my job on September 1st, 2011. Yup, 10 days before.
I must say, it has been an exciting time, and all about Delphi ever since, including Delphi's step-sister Oxygene.

Today, Delphi turns 18. And what a mature smart girl she has become. Puberty has resulted in make-over that will allow her to "touch" whole new worlds and new civilisations. From Desktop to Enterprise, and very soon mobile like iOS and Android. With lots of new friends to get acquainted...

Today, I look at my kids as a proud father, and see how they have grown and continue to grow. I can only imagine that the Delphi Team looks back at Delphi (and Pascal) with pride over what they have accomplished (and are about to accomplish) with Delphi. Delphi made my life possible the way it is, and I want to congratulate and thank the entire Delphi Team, including those who've worked or touched Delphi in the past (you know who you are). Live Long and Prosper.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day ;-)



Stuart 13/02/14 13:33:50Like you, heaven know what I would be doing. Delphi has given me the opportunity to travel, to work from home, and to earn a crust. Thanks you to all those involved over the years, and here's until she turns 21 :)
Silver Bullet 13/02/14 13:57:46Happy Birthday, Delphi! As for a 'small' programmer, I love delphi!
Sebastian V 13/02/14 14:59:44I have never used T.pascal or Delphi in my professional life in IT industry. But it was love at first site for me!!!. I have always a copy of delphi , the last is the XE2 starter in my PC , using it for personal enjoyment, doing little "stuffs" , keeping my inner Delphi "kid" in "touch" with the latest and greatest. Thank you guys and Happy Birthday.
Michal Night 13/02/14 16:26:53Hapyy Birthday Enjoy :)
Hein du Plessis 13/03/15 08:22:02Many happy returns! 10 years of excellent programming!

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