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Delphi Developer Days 2013 - cities and dates announced

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 1/24/2013 12:07:52 PM (GMT+1)

The Delphi Developer Days 2013 tour will be in Chicago (May 6-7), Frankfurt (May 30-31) and Amsterdam (June 3-4), as announced by my co-presenter Cary Jensen. The agenda for these day can be found at As you can see, Cary and I do a number of joint sessions (speaking together on a single topic) as well as a number of simultaneous sessions (each in his own room). We're also writing a course book (only available to DDD attendees), so even if you do not attend one individual session, you can always read about it later.

Special price offers are available for Chicage until April 4, and for Amsterdam or Frankfurt until April 30th. Make sure to book in time, because we have a limited capacity of 42 attendees in each city...

I sure hope to see you in one of these Delphi Developer Days 2013 cities, feel free to leave a comment here if you plan to attend. Thanks!



Bruce McGee 13/01/24 21:35:24Is there only one North American event, or will more be announced?
Bob Swart 13/01/24 22:45:26There is only one North American city at this time. We may add more cities later (but that will be for a later period in 2013, if we decide to add more cities)
Bruce McGee 13/01/24 23:00:51Is it too early to suggest Toronto? :)
Nick Hodges 13/01/25 20:46:03Would love to see you guys in the Baltimore/Washington, DC area again this year. Or better, Philadelphi!
Bob Swart 13/02/28 20:02:28Delphi Developer Days 2013 agenda online at with detailed descriptions at (including FireDAC session).

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