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RemObjects Oxygene - more than just .NET (or Prism)

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 12/5/2012 5:27:08 PM (GMT+1)

The release of "XE3" reduced the number of editions for Embarcadero Prism to just one: the Professional edition, which means Embarcadero Prism is from now on no more than RemObjects' Oxygene, and in fact a bit less. Embarcadero Prism XE2.5 is the last version that comes in an Enterprise edition with DataSnap support (keep that in mind when you upgrade your project to XE3)...

Embarcadero Prism is part of RAD Studio, and no longer sold separately. Embarcadero Prism is licensed from (and in fact the exact equivalent of "Oxygene for .NET" from) RemObjects Software. However, if you purchase the Oxygene product from RemObjects (or one of its partners and resellers like me), you not only get Oxygene for .NET, but also Oxygene for Java (which includes support for Android), as well as the new project codenamed "Nougat" (currently in beta) that allows Oxygene to produce native OS X and iOS applications (iPhone, iPad and more).
Note that Oxygene for .NET, Oxygene for Java and "Nougat" all share the same Oxygene language and compiler. The language that differs a bit from the Delphi languages, but shares the same ObjectPascal foundation.

Project "Nougat" is currently in beta, and is scheduled to be released in Q2 2013. Beta 2 from Project "Nougat" has just been made available, and can be downloaded by anyone with a current license of Oxygene.

You can purchase a New User license of Oxygene for a special price of 399 EURO (retail price is 499 US$), or an upgrade (renewal) from Oxygene, RAD Studio XE2 or Prism XE2.5 for 299 Euro (retail price US$ 399). If you want to cross-grade from Delphi XE2, the price is 349 EURO.
Note that these EURO prices are valid when buying from me, and for all prices you may need to add 21% VAT where applicable (which is the case for curstomers from The Netherlands, or customers from the EU without a company name + VAT number).



AuthorPostedComments 12/12/05 18:11:50Cool, thx Bob!
Rick 12/12/05 21:50:08So, what would one purchase (beyond Prism XE2.5 Ent) to get DataSnap support?
Bob Swart 12/12/05 21:54:57DataSnap is supported by Delphi and C++Builder (for Servers and Clients) as well as HTML5 Builder and the upcoming RAD Studio Mobile for clients. And you can use the DataSnap Connectors to produce proxy files for Java, Objective-C, FPC (FreePascal) and C# Silverlight. It's not the same, but I could imagine an experiment trying to use the C# files in Oxygene for .NET. And you could perhaps also use the Java Android files with Oxygene for Java (although I've not tried that)...
I placed this ideas on my todo-list to examine in a bit more detail ;-)
Rick 12/12/05 22:36:04Ok so DataSnap support in Prism has come to a dead-end at XE2.5 Ent as well as all subsequent RemObjects offerings?
marc hoffman 12/12/06 08:51:11Rick, That is correct. But please note that DataSnap is Embarcadero's technology. It is up to them to keep supporting it or, as the fact may be, stop supporting it for the .NET or Java platform. Dropping DataSnap support was not a decision made my RemObjects. As an alternative, we do of course provide our own Data Abstract, which is a true cross-platform multi-tier framework available for .NET, Java, Cocoa, Delphi and JavaScript, has much the same functionality as DataSnap, and much more.
Rick 12/12/06 16:10:59Thanks Marc for your detailed response :) It's a poor reflection on Embarcadero (not RemObjects) where yet again .NET is pretty much dropped, part way through... I got caught with this developing ASP.NET back in D2006 (I think). That's why you won't find me touching FireMonkey with a ten foot pole. ;) Thanks, Rick.
Bob Swart 12/12/06 16:17:24The difference is that ASP.NET (or .NET itself) was not Borland's technology, so the designers were always "behind", and the move to license Oxygene for .NET as Prism was a smart move. FireMonkey on the other hand, is owned by Embarcadero and the basis for the cross-platform GUI library (for Delphi and C++Builder, currently for Windows and Mac OS X, soon for iOS and later for Android).
Of course, you can target Android right now using Oxygene for Java, and use beta project "Nougat" for iOS (just like the beta of RAD Studio Mobile, available for XE3 users)...
Erwin Mouthaan 12/12/07 11:28:41It is indeed possible to use these proxy files for C# Silverlight generated by the DataSnap Connectors, to develop a DataSnap client in Oxygene for .NET. Andreano Lanusse has a nice video on YouTube "Connecting an Embarcadero Prism XE2 Windows Phone App to a Delphi XE2 DataSnap Server": I wonder though if callbacks can be used. Looking forward to your investigations Bob!
Shayna 13/01/12 10:03:20 Win32 is shrinking ? Where did you pull this asrtseion from ? Yes, Mac, Linux and mobile are growing, but that is not always or necessarily at the expense of Win32. I suggest that more shrinkage in Win32 to the extent that there is any is laid at the feet of Win64 than any mobile devices, for example.Yet Win64 support was given a back seat to the Mac and Linux pipe dreams by Emborcaderogearprise, which leads me to @dmagin:In the previous roadmap we had a fairly firm expectation set for delivery of Win64 in Commodore , the release that was to be Delphi 2010.The value of Emborcarderoprisegear's roadmaps as an indication of what to expect and when is pretty much zero.If we are indeed on a train we might just as well be heading for a train wreck as any useful destination.
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