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Forever Loyal to Delphi

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 8/5/2005 4:27:15 PM (GMT+1)

There's been a lot of talk recently (by Bob Coates, Nick Hodges, and Lino Tadros among others) about Borland and Delphi, and whether or not it would be better for Delphi to be spun-off as a separate company from Borland.
I do not pretend to know what's best for Delphi (in that regard), since I don't have a complete picture of everything involved in Borland and Delphi. But I can tell you this: no matter if or what will happen, I will remain loyal to Delphi.
I love Borland as a company and especially the people that work there, but mainly for what Borland has produced over the years (which started for me with Turbo Pascal version 2). I've dedicated my life to Borland Pascal and Delphi, including Delphi derived products like Delphi's sister C++Builder, little brother Kylix and sibling C#Builder. I cannot imagine my life without Delphi (and if you don't believe me, ask my son Erik Mark Pascal, or my daughter Natasha Louise Delphine).

So whether it remains Borland, or will be a Delphi Inc., I'm not sure I care that much. I care about Delphi, and I will continue to support Delphi and Delphi developers forever (which is a mighty long time, I know).

Groetjes, Bob Swart



Brian S.05/08/25 16:30:04Hi... From when i was kidd , I love Boland, and I grow with it,,, from 14years old I work as a programmer in company and from 13years old I used just pascal
Brian S.05/08/25 16:30:26(OR C of borland) and I never goto BAD Microsoft! we should win here,Borland is our life! I like Delphi team, anyways, nobody feel delphi will die one day, we will save it,
L. Deleu05/08/29 10:56:40Same here, every time a new discussion starts about wether or not Delphi has a future, my spine shivers ... I simply don't want to develop in any other environment. Delphi has the power and the ease to program just about anything. Same as the comments posted before, I started using TP3 when I was in school under good old MSDOS. Did some database stuff over the years in diverse environments to finally start with Delphi when it came out. Haven't used anything else since ... Delphi Rulez ! L. Deleu (age 36) Orca Freelance Software Development Belgium
Brian S.05/08/31 01:18:25:D hi,,,, thanks you Bob! you increased size of comments, :) so simply, I love Delphi! it rocks! I am not worry! BORLAND is our home! we never leave our land! :D simple to think about it,I hate microsoft environments, i never leave my freedom! anyway, delphi is best in development ever, :) new delphi rocks! :D I will love it ! :D delphi 2K5 was so lovely, just I DON"T KNOW WHY THEY CHANGED string by default to Unicode! it killed me! :D :D okay! another thing, why no html! :D
Leon B.05/09/27 19:15:46Long time ago I worked with MS-Visual Basic. At that time I seriously considered to move to France and become a farmer. Until I discovered Delphi(2). Since then it's my beloved tool for writing all different kinds of commercial software. I hope Delphi/Borland will be able to survive the .NET-story and become al leader like it was in the W32 days. Hear, hear, 90% of my current development is in that w32 region. Greatings Leon
Kaushlesh05/12/20 19:28:45Dear Bob, I have an application that runs a DVR. it captures video and audio from the card and does the recording stuff. It is also used to stream video to a client using TCP. What i need to know is how much it would be helpful for us to switch over to Delphi 2006 from current delphi 6. We envision to convert the application more web specific. i.e. we want a web client instead of a winform based client software. We would be more into converting the server management as well as centrally managing multiple servers situated at differnt locations of the world using a web interface. 11/12/12 12:33:54Please C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\RAD Studio\dbExpress\8.0\*.ini files seams ok! But how to fix the error: "unable to load AdoDbx provider? there not enought documentation about it and none o my installed Delphi 2007/2009/2010/Delphi Xe (1) works. I'm using windows 7 32-bit. Can you help??

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