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Delphi turns 17 and my Delphi XE2 iOS Development PDF is released

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/14/2012 10:47:17 PM (GMT+1)

First of all, congratulations to Delphi for her 17th birthday - I still remember the release back in 1995 - and my love for Delphi also came back in the names of my kids: Erik Mark Pascal (also 17, almost 18), and Natasha Louise Delphine (15).

And now for the news from me: yesterday I held my Delphi XE2 iOS Development seminar in The Netherlands (for about 75 developers), and today I've released the first edition of my Delphi XE2 iOS Development courseware manual in PDF format. With 150 pages, and more to come (if you buy it now, you'll also get all updates until the end of this year, as usual).



Anderson Franco 12/02/14 23:19:55Poor kids :-)
Bob Swart 12/02/14 23:32:04LOL, no way - they know what they've been named after, and still appreciate it ;-)
VRV 12/02/15 10:31:59Do they like or Learnt Delphi and Pascal
Alister Christie 12/02/15 22:35:06Well done, It's always good to see more Delphi resources being created.
Mark 12/02/17 08:35:08Is it possible using this book with C++ Builder XE2?
Bob Swart 12/02/17 08:38:50I'm afraid you cannot use this book with C++Builder XE2 - the last step (compiling for an iOS target) needs FPC, and that's still a *Pascal* compiler, and not for C++. Right now, C++Builder XE2 can produce Win32 as well as Mac OS X applications, but not Win64 or iOS. Always a step behind, sorry...
Ajasja Ljubetic 12/02/17 10:25:25@Alister: Did you mean the kids or the book?:)
Bilel 12/05/19 11:14:06Personally I feel Delphi being based on Pascal is more complex. But then so is C# capmored to many other languages based on BASIC. I have been observing that as times goes MS and other language developing companies are coming out with more n' more complex languages instead to making things more simpler, they are making things more harder to learn and use. After publishing such overtly complex languages they will start publishing hordes of frameworks to make using that languages simpler. If we look at this from your POV it is business but I think it is Evil business.I totally agree with your point of view. But I feel you have given a very good name to instability of technologies "make money". It is a good way of escaping from companies indecisiveness on finalizing one truly working database technology.Companies like Oracle have standardized on how to access data and have been releasing data access libs (I know that they are mostly in C/C++) but I have not yet faced compatibility problems with version upgrade/update and yet Oracle is earning well. We had developed a small software which used Oracle 6 and just recently we updated it to work with Oracle 10i with hardly any changes in the original code (we could make all required modifications in just one working day). All the changes that we made were because of changes in MS's networking backbone.Contrast to that look at MS and for that matter also to Borland/Code Gear. Dame they have yet not been able to standardize on database access even after all these years and they keep on developing and releasing newer shit which keeps on breading older code. Using these I feel like a "guinea pig" in a lab.Anyway these are my views. They may not be yours. I could not help commenting on your blog
John Smith 12/12/13 21:19:24Very high it cost !
John Smith 12/12/13 21:19:4799 euro ???
Bob Swart 12/12/13 21:45:15Yes, 99 Euro
Hein 13/01/18 13:39:44I think it's a bargain. I just need a client that wants OSX development :)
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