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Delphi and C++Builder grow by 54% in 2011

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/8/2012 8:05:06 AM (GMT+1)

Embarcadero just released information about the growing sales (of licenses and subscriptions) for Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio increased by 54% in 2011. As a reseller for the eurozone myself, I can confirm those numbers over the past few years. In fact, about half of my revenue for Embarcadero tools comes from New User licenses: for companies who want to start or extend their Delphi development team. And I sell more subscripions (and renewals) than ever, plus more courseware manuals, training, etc.

I've also see a growing interest in the Enterprise edition of Delphi, mainly due - I reckon - because of DataSnap. And the increasing sales of Delphi XE2 is most likely also - at least partly - caused by the new 64-bit, Mac OS X and iOS capabilities (my Delphi XE2 iOS Development seminar next Monday already has over 75 registrations, and there's still room for a few more).



Bruce McGee 12/02/08 13:52:57Do you know if and when you will be releasing the XE2 iOS courseware for sale?
Bob Swart 12/02/08 13:56:50I will release it at the end of next week at the latest. On Monday (Feb 13th) I'll be doing the seminar, and based on the feedback I will amend the manual a bit (it's currently 112 pages, but I'm still writing), and send it to the people attending the seminar. The manual will be sold as PDF with updates until the end of 2012 as usual.

Haven't decided on the price, yet... Probably a discount for people who are already customers of one or more titles with updates until the end of 2012 (using a special purchase link)...

Bruce McGee 12/02/08 14:15:46Looking forward to it.
Bob Swart 12/02/14 16:52:40Delphi XE2 iOS Development is now available for purchase; it's more than 150 pages, so I'm afraid I decided to use the 99 Euro price like the other manuals (including updates until the end of 2012)...
Faruk 12/05/20 06:44:22 shame that no one in the high management actlualy reads these mails so your point of view is unnoticed by the people who can actlualy take a conclusion from your mail.@Max better wait for Update 2 to come out (nearing).

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