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Free Delphi XE2 "Game of Memory" for iPhone available in AppStore

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 12/17/2011 6:06:34 PM (GMT+1)

My first iPhone app (the "Game of Memory" written with Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey) is now available in the AppStore (for free), see
It was quite a journey from "start" to actual AppStore deployment, but fortunately, I now know all the steps, so from now on it will hopefully be easier (although probably not faster).

I'm working on a Delphi XE2 native iPhone/iPad development courseware manual, which will be released around my upcoming seminar on Delphi XE2 iPhone/iPad development on February 13th 2012 in Helmond Brandevoort, The Netherlands (a free seminar for my customers - more information will be made available early 2012).



Shane 11/12/19 13:16:39Great Job! I started with a bard of 5 * 5 and couldn't complete! I always had 1 cell left with nothing to match with, therefore Couldn't complete game I also was confused with Replay button. I thought it was asking me to replay same game. I think it would be better named "Home"
Bob Swart 11/12/19 13:19:00Thanks for your feedback. The "orphan" button can be found with any "odd x odd" game field (I encountered it with a 3x3 board) - I need to make sure that last button is never shown in that case. Also good suggestion about the Home vs. Replay button. I'll implement these in the first update...
Shane 11/12/19 14:30:55Do you know if this is the first ever IPhone App written with Delphi and placed on the IPhone App Store? If so, this is Amazing!
Bob Swart 11/12/19 15:10:38I'm not sure I'm the first one, but won't be the only one (if I ever was)...
Dev{eloper} Stonez 11/12/23 06:41:27Hi DrBob, Just wanted to congrat for the Delphi 24 Hours presentation and in context of you being a e-book/book publisher to provide some links that you might find usefull Self-publishing a book: 25 things you need to know How to self-publish an ebook
Jason 12/01/04 00:16:20Cool, but it's extremely slow for me. It takes about a second to react when I press a button.
seo service 13/09/06 14:49:23SzSTpg Say, you got a nice post.Thanks Again. Cool.
Shaan 13/09/06 15:50:43gia provato eisai va8ia sainus8imatiko:) de nomizw na yparxei vevaia zwo, poy na min to aggiksei i istoria afti, giati oloi 8a kanoun tis anagwges tous..o xronos, o dromos kai o ponos...

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