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Update 1 for Delphi XE2, C++Builder XE2 and RAD Studio XE2

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/28/2011 7:39:22 AM (GMT+1)

Embarcadero has just released Update 1 for Delphi XE2, C++Builder XE2 and RAD Studio XE2, incorporating more than 120 bug fixes, including many FireMonkey design time and runtime bug fixes, the addition of new VCL Styles, VCL Styles design time and runtime fixes, IDE fixes to improve stability, C++ and Delphi compiler fixes and more.



Bob Swart 11/09/28 07:49:40Zie ook
Bob Swart 11/09/28 14:17:35Note that the automatic check for updates will not report this Update #1 as being available - at least not until today...
Bob Swart 11/09/28 15:38:06After having applied Update #1, the About Box mentions the version number 16.0.4276.44006 (which used to be 16.0.4256.43595 in the RTM version, 20 days earlier). Wait... 20 days later? Yup, the timestamp of BDS.EXE is September 19th (nine days ago, probably for additional testing), 20 days after RTM.
Bob Swart 11/09/28 16:00:41Warning: if you install from the web installer rather than the new DVD ISO, then you need to make sure to select an empty directory for the download files (otherwise, you'll get a dialog that asks you to overwrite the existing files - once for every 100+ file, not a good idea)...

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