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Delphi 2006 Hotfixes - keep on coming...

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 6/6/2006 8:00:18 AM (GMT+1)

Borland has just released hotfixes to address specific issues (in BDS 2006 Update #2). Specifically:

  1. This hotfix contains a fix for poppack.h. An invalid '#pragma option' was added to poppack.h which was causing alignment errors when building Windows applications.
  2. This hotfix updates the CaliberRM integration in BDS 2006 to work with CaliberRM Release 2 SP1. Do not apply this fix unless your CaliberRM server has been updated to that release.
  3. This hotfix contains a fix for customers who were unable to run the BDS2006 IDE after installing Update 2. For those customers, the IDE would start to load, and as soon as the splash screen was shown, it would disappear and the IDE would not run.
  4. This hotfix contains a fix for HTML Editor for international characters. In DBCS environment, such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean, international character in the HTML editor may become corrupted or lost.
  5. This hotfix addresses the delay when switching to the form designer view when the product is configured with a large number of component packages.
  6. This hotfix contains a fixes an issue where accented characters or far east characters in source code cause errors in C++ rename refactoring.
These six hotfixes are also available from the Delphi Registered User Updates page.



Bob Swart06/06/06 08:05:01The BDN page at only mentions two hotfixes, but there really are four now, and more to come (hotfix 7 was mentioned to fix for example).
Igor Skomorokh06/06/10 13:02:43I would like they completely remade the HTML designer! This is the only thing that is disappointing me.

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