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Delphi XE IntraWeb XI courseware manual available

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/22/2011 8:39:19 AM (GMT+1)

Last weekend, I published the first edition of my Delphi XE IntraWeb XI courseware manual in PDF format, which is available for purchase now for 99 Euro (including updates for 12 months) from
See the Table of Contents of this 140-page first edition.

People who purchased the original Delphi for Win32 Web Development manual from me (143 pages first published in 2008, with the 4th and last edition being 266 pages published last month), received an e-mail last weekend with a free upgrade to the Delphi XE IntraWeb XI manual. This free upgrade was even sent if the original purchase was more than 12 months ago (and the next edition - due end of March 2011 - will also be sent to these customers for free). From now on, I will publish quarterly updates to this courseware manual, introducing a subscription services for my courseware manuals starting next quarter. For a small price, based on the number of titles you want to subscription to, you will get all new editions that are published in a year. More details will follow next month, but this will help me to allow to develop the courseware manuals, and will help you to guarantee regular new updates.
Rest assured, the first 12 months of free upgrades is still included in the price of the PDF.

And until the end of this month, when you purchase the Delphi 2007 for Win32 Web Development PDF (at 266 pages) you will also get the Delphi XE IntraWeb XI manual as free upgrade. At the end of this month, the price for the Delphi 2007 edition will be lowered to 49 Euro, but it will no longer include any updates (i.e. that title is now frozen), and you will also no longer be entitled to a free upgrade to the Delphi XE IntraWeb XI edition (as of next month).

Oh, and in case you wonder: the paperback on Lulu is still the second edition of the IntraWeb 9.x book. The second edition of the IntraWeb XI book will be published on Lulu around the end of next month. But the only way to get more updates is to get the personalised PDF edition, see also paperbacks on Lulu ;-)



Jens Fudge 11/02/22 12:41:22Very interesting.. I'm trying to figure out what the difference is between your "Delphi for Win32 Web Development" book and the "Delphi XE IntraWeb XI courseware manual" ? Also: Is this book accompanying a course, or is it a book to read as self study? Thanks in advance..
Bob Swart 11/02/22 16:44:35Delphi for Win32 Web Development is the book using Delphi 2007 and WebBroker, WebSnap and IntraWeb 9.x. Delphi XE IntraWeb XI uses Delphi XE and IntraWeb XI, and no longer contains any WebBroker or WebSnap material, so it's pure IntraWeb. See the table of contents for more details. Although I use these courseware manuals in my training classes, the books can also be used for self study.
Joel 11/02/26 09:57:33I am looking for examples for IntraWEB+C++Builder. Book this only for Delphi?
Bob Swart 11/02/26 12:24:46This book is only for Delphi. I haven't used C++Builder in real projects for a few years now, and my C++ syntax usage is really rusty, so it'll take some time to translate projects from Delphi to C++Builder (same with the DataSnap courseware manual). Given enough demand, I may do it, but right now, I do not expect a lot of people willing to buy the C++Builder editions of my Delphi courseware manuals, sorry...

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