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Delphi XE Starter Edition from Embarcadero

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/3/2011 12:06:00 PM (GMT+1)

A few days ago, Embarcadero released Delphi XE Starter Edition (and C++Builder XE Started Edition), available in Europe for 149 Euro (for a competitive upgrade) or 199 Euro (for a New User license). The Starter Editions include a simplified IDE (no Data Explorer, no Modelling, no Refactoring, no Live Templates), but the built-in compiler (no command-line compiler however!) with all language features, plus BDE and IBX for data access (no DBX4 or ADO). The inclusion of the BDE is a mistake in my view, so I can only recommend to people to download and use the free Advantage Local Database Server instead. Even if you have existing BDE applications, you can easily migrate from the BDE to Advantage Local Server.

Once you've purchased and registered the Delphi XE Starter Edition, you can download my free Delphi XE Starter Essentials eBook from the Registered Users Page. This PDF cannot be printed, but if you want a paperback edition you can purchase it for 15 Euro from Lulu.

As a reseller of Delphi and RAD Studio, you can also purchase Delphi XE Starter Edition from me, in which case you get a personal copy of the Delphi XE Starter Essentials eBook which can be printed.



Bruce McGee 11/02/03 12:56:17Would you recommend your Essentials book to anyone who is just learning Delphi, or is it geared more to people who have Delphi experience but are upgrading to the XE Starter edition?
Bob Swart 11/02/03 13:05:19The latter... the Delphi XE Starter Essentials book is mainly meant for people with some Delphi 1-7 experience who haven't used or upgraded their version of Delphi in years, and now want to jump back in with the latest XE Starter Edition. The book will cover the IDE and new features - mainly the new language features since Delphi 7, including a special section on Unicode which will be very new to these readers.
But if you do not know Delphi or Pascal, then the book is not the right place to start.

To be honest, I do not expect the Delphi XE Starter Edition to be picked up by a lot of "New User" developers, but more by "Upgrade" developers who come from Delphi (or some related tool) and already know how to program a bit in Pascal and/or Delphi...

Bruce McGee 11/02/03 14:10:36I'm not sure who will be buying the Starter edition. I'm happy to see a lower cost SKU, but I think you're right, and Embarcadero missed the mark for the new adopter/hobbyist market, at least on the price point. In my case, the new user in question will be using a higher SKU, and just needs a good "getting started" book.
Bob Swart 11/02/03 14:18:32Marco Cantu has the Essential Pascal and Essential Delphi PDF files (although the first is no longer free, and I cannot find a link to download the second), that can be used to "get started". After that, as follow-up you can read some of my more in-depth courseware manuals...
Bruce McGee 11/02/03 19:43:16I'm pretty sure I have PDFs of these kicking around somewhere. And when that Delphi beginner is ready for them, I have some of your courseware, too. Between you and Marco, there's more up to date Delphi literature now than there has been in a long time. Thanks
Delfi Phan 11/02/08 11:09:05H'm. Not visible on the German online store page.
Bob Swart 11/02/08 11:16:29But it is visible from for example...
Bob Swart 11/02/27 20:08:05Well, it didn't take long before my Delphi XE Starter Essentials PDF was found as illegal download on the internet. This is the reason why I will no longer sell PDF files from, but only from my own site with the name and e-mail of the buyer embedded inside (in multiple places)...
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