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EU domain registrations

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 4/11/2006 9:14:50 AM (GMT+1)

Since last Friday (April 7th, 2006), everyone in the EU can register domains with the .eu extension. I've registered my Dutch company (with the name eBob42), so the domain is now mine (as well as the .com, .net, .org, and .nl - I didn't really want to add .info and .biz or any of the other extensions).

Unfortunately, someone else (whois) has registered (the more international version of my website is, also registered as .net, .org,, and .nl).

When I approached the person who has registered the domain name, and asked him about his plans for the domain, he responded to me that if I wanted the name, I should make him an offer so he would think about giving me this name. I was afraid of that, so I politely told him what he could do with the domain name as far as I'm concerned...

Message #1: don't be too late when you want to register your .eu domains!

Message #2: the domain has nothing to do with me, does not represent me, and was only registered to make money
(and is only showing advertisements to make more money).

Now, back to the real world and some Delphi programming...



Gerard06/08/28 00:49:00If you had trademarked drbob42, you could had it during the sunrise period. But after a few years, it will become eventually free again. Just watch the expiration dates.
Bob Swart06/11/28 11:15:14FWIW, today I got an "offer" from - Mr. Kurt Janusch (CEO KJ INvestments - to buy the domain name for 700 Euro. I'm afraid I'm not willing to pay any amount for this domain, so I wish Mr. Janusch all the best and will report back when it's free again...
Brandt Dainow 07/03/08 02:43:35Hi - it's a scam. K.J. Investments is a venture capital firm in Pennsylvania. In fact his company is Best-Job Ltd. He lives in England. A check of the internet reveals that he is contacting people all over the world offering to sell them the .eu version of their names for €700. One of my clients was approached recently. I also notice his email address keeps changing as he makes the offer. Given the volume of emails going out, I suspect he's using software to automate the process. He is Janusch Kurt BEST - JOB LTD 175/177 Newland Ave, Hull, HU5 2EP UK PH: 01 482 328 66
Client 07/03/20 14:33:08Is not legal this job . This Janusch make an offer to me. What can i do ?
Bob Swart 07/03/20 14:44:05Ignore him, and hope he'll get bored with all the .eu domain like for which he has to pay but receives no compensation. And wait until your domain becomes available again...
Carlos 07/04/05 01:37:06Hello, My domain is, but I'm afraid I received the same proposal, in this e-mail: "Hello We are KJ INvestments, we have registered the European Union domain name, which is similar name with your domain. We already have visitors from European Union which are basically interested in what you offer on your website. We want to make you an offer today . We come with a proposal to improve your site and your benefits by bringing to you our support of best programmers in the field and a better traffic on your website. We will ask for a commission from what we offer you and this will be determinate when we will sign a contract. Our programmers can develop by their own project and you can take full advantage of it, or you can send us the content and we will fill it up. That will improve your traffic and you will gain the possible clients from the EU also. If you are interested in our offer, please let us know or if you have something else in mind don't hesitate to contact us. Best regards, KJ Investments Marketing Department" What do you suggest ?
Client 07/08/18 18:51:04Ignore Janusch from Romania
Bob Swart 09/09/28 08:13:36Apart from the .eu domain, it seems that the Asian domain extensions are now becoming populair: according to Ross Shi (, Senior Consultant for the department of registration service in China, a company called "Gerang Corporation" is applying to register "drbob42" as internet brand and Domain names for the following domains: - - - - - - - - -
Well, good luck to them. I own the, .net, .org and .nl domains, which is good enough for me (and my visitors I should hope).
Bob Swart 11/02/13 08:37:32Interesting to read:

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