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Delphi XE DataSnap Development Essentials

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 11/17/2010 3:32:34 PM (GMT+1)

I've just published the first 143-page PDF edition of Delphi XE DataSnap Development Essentials at available for 99 Euro (plus 19% VAT where required), for which you also get the 290-page Delphi XE Development Essentials as a free bonus PDF.
See for the detailed table of contents.

The first edition of the Delphi XE DataSnap Development courseware manual contains sections about:
- DataSnap History and Example Data
- DataSnap Server Targets (and Wizards)
- DataSnap Security
- DataSnap Server Components
- DataSnap Server Deployment
- DataSnap Clients
- DataSnap and Databases
- DBX: DataSnap Filters
- DataSnap REST and Callbacks
- DataSnap and .NET Clients
- DataSnap Summary

Note that purchase of the PDF edition entitles you to all updates of this edition (I'm working on adding exercises and answers, more examples, and a big appendix about a small but real-world case study), plus e-mail support about the topics covered in the manual.

A paperback edition will be available from next month. This one will be a bit cheaper, but without updates and support.



Dev 10/11/17 16:03:03I was glad to see this announcement on DelphiFeeds until I saw your price :-/ I don't feel datasnap will be a great mutli-tier solution, because Bor/CG/EMB never publish a good material about it except for basic usage, and I see also other authors never a good in depth books that we could see for other technologies like WCF with suitable cost.
Bob Swart 10/11/17 16:19:09This book is used in hands-on training classes, and helps you to learn real-world details. It's offered for sale mainly for those people who cannot attend my training classes (in The Netherlands or some other parts in Europe when I'm around). If you do not believe that this PDF will have a ROI (when working with DataSnap) of more than 99 Euro, then I guess the book is indeed not meant for you Dev, sorry. You can always wait for the paperback on next month, for about half the price (but without updates or support).
Lena 10/11/18 09:29:43Examples in this book only for Delhi or we can use also this book for C++ Builder XE?
Bob Swart 10/11/18 16:18:38Lena, the examples are currently only for Delphi. Once the second edition is published (in a few weeks) as free PDF update for the early readers, and as paperback on Lulu, I will then translate the Delphi code snippets to C++Builder and release a specific title about C++Builder XE DataSnap (late 2010 or early 2011, depending on how much time it costs me to translate all code samples from Delphi to C++Builder). The text and screenshots should remain largely untouched, so it's mainly a process of rebuilding the sample projects and placing the code in the Word document.
Larry 10/11/19 20:06:46I am sight impsired. I use text readers like iSpeak to highlight text, and move it tothe clupboard for text to speech, Can this be done oth your PDF course?
Bob Swart 10/11/19 20:17:05Karry, the contents of my PDF file can be printed, but also selected and copied to a clipboard (for the text to speech). I do not know if iSpeak is able to read the PDF file, but like I said you can certainly copy the text (in small portions or the whole manual if you want) to the clipboard. You would miss the screenshots, and sometimes I refer to things that are only shown in the screenshot. I'll keep that in mind for the next edition, to see if I can add some description to the figures and screenshots...
Carlos 10/11/20 15:57:53The book is available in Kindle format?
Bob Swart 10/11/20 16:12:04The book is available as PDF, but not in Kindle format. It contains full-colour screenshots and other areas where I use colour, so I would have to convert it to 4-grayscale before turning it into Kindle format. If there's enough demand I may consider it, but right now I hope most developers can use Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF on their computers...
sirhan 10/12/01 08:34:17is the tutorial in this course manual clear enough for me to try it without tutor on my side. for a short pages, is there any step by step tutorial in this book.
Bob Swart 10/12/01 08:45:39Some Delphi knowledge is required, but the manual does instruct you to place components and set properties, etc. so it should be too hard to follow. You also get all the source code for the samples as well as the answers to exercises. There is no step-by-step tutorial, but if you follow the text I'm confident it will be clear enough to follow along.
Note that if you complete the purchase the PDF edition, you will get e-mail support where I will help you if the steps in the text are not clear enough.
Rafa 10/12/09 01:33:05after reviewing the table of context I noted that no mention of filters RSA and PC1. I have serious problems with them. Does the current or future revisions of the book to mention you have these filters? Thanks.
Bob Swart 10/12/09 07:31:22The book mentions to add them (in combination), but no in-depth coverage at this time. What is the problem that you see? Can you reproduce it, and did you report it in QC?
Rafa 10/12/17 14:13:33DataSnap Client and DataSnap server have PC1 and RSA filter both. When client and server work on localmahine all works fine. When deploy DataSnapServer to Cloud on Windows 2008 Machine, client not connect to server.
Bob Swart 11/01/10 11:44:54You need to deploy the Indy DLLs to support SSL: the libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll to the server as well.
Rob 11/02/01 09:58:22"A paperback edition will be available from next month" I don't see this book on Is this book already published as paperback?
Bob Swart 11/02/03 15:54:12The book is almost ready to be published, but I'm waiting for some feedback from beta testers of the example application I'm using in the appendix. I want to make sure it's 100% right what I write (to make sure people who buy the paperback are not faced with errors in it - I can easily distribute updates to the PDF edition, but not to a printed edition). If you are in a hurry, then the PDF edition is the fastest way to get started. Otherwise, you may have to wait a little longer (few days, few weeks, I'm not sure)...
Dennis 11/05/09 06:04:49What's the status on the second edition with C++Builder examples?
Bob Swart 11/05/09 07:26:49The second edition will be released later this week, but the translation of the example code to C++Builder will take more time, sorry.
Pankey 11/05/14 17:21:13Can I develop Datasnap client with callbacks in Delphi Prism?

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