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Embarcadero offer: Buy One - Get One Free!

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 10/18/2010 8:20:33 AM (GMT+1)

From today until the end of the year, Embarcadero has a special BoGo offer: buy an Embarcadero Tool and get another Embarcadero tool of the same or less value for FREE! You download another of Embarcadero's 16 other application development or database tools, FREE! when you buy a RAD Studio XE, Delphi XE or C++Builder XE license (new or upgrade) - plus if you order from me you get the Delphi XE Deveploment Essentials PDF courseware manual included as well (and the Delphi Prism Development Essentials if you order RAD Studio and/or Delphi Prism).

You could choose from more than 16 great products and create your own combination, such as:

  • Buy Delphi XE choose Delphi Prism for cross-platform .NET and Mono IDE
  • Buy RAD Studio XE choose DB Change Manager to simplify, automate and report on database changes
  • Buy Delphi XE choose Rapid SQL to speed SQL development for your Delphi database applications
  • Buy Delphi XE choose RadPHP, the fastest way to build PHP applications
Or select from many other alternatives.

This promotion is available for products purchased between 18 October 2010 and 31 December 2010. Please read the terms and conditions at



Marjan Venema 10/10/18 08:39:43Hi Bob, the link to the bogo terms produces a 404, then takes you to the standard embarcadero home page. Same for the bogo offer link.
Bob Swart 10/10/18 08:43:45Embarcadero is probably not awake yet, but I expect these pages to become available later today (that's the disadvantage if you're 9 hours ahead I guess - it's still "yesterday" in San Francisco ;-)).
Marjan Venema 10/10/18 08:50:07Yeah, I kind-a figured that after I hit the "add comment" button... :-)
Delfi Phan 10/10/18 09:31:07Bob, on your website, is there some way of updating the price once one has chosen the product?
Bob Swart 10/10/18 09:35:53What do you mean exactly Delfi Phan? Note that after registration of the regular purchased product, you will be entitled to go to the Embarcadero website and select a second product (a different one, for a price which must be lower than the original product). You then download that product and get a serial number to install. You cannot order the second product directly from me. See the information on the Embarcadero website (probably available later today).
Stephane Wierzbicki 10/10/18 11:20:08Hi Bob, I want to order from your site but I'm located in France. How can I do ?
Bob Swart 10/10/18 11:36:44Stephane: send me an e-mail and we'll work something out. It will take more time (for international payments to arrive) but the same Euro prices and BOGO offer (and my free courseware manual) will apply to you, of course.
David Champion 10/10/18 15:11:41Hi Bob, can you buy Delphi XE and get another for free
Bob Swart 10/10/18 15:27:26You cannot get the same project for free - you must select a different one. For example, you can buy Delphi XE and get Delphi Prism XE for free. Also, both tools must be register for use by the same user (i.e. same EDN account).
Just wait a bit more until the final information is published (I guess I was a bit too early, sorry).
David Moorhouse 10/10/18 23:29:58The selector will not allow you to buy Delphi Prism Ent (USD1399) and receive Delphi XE Ent (USD1299) free. It only allows Delphi XE Pro as the free tool for this purchase. Is this an error or a deliberate restriction ?
Bob Swart 10/10/19 07:30:49I'm not sure, I think the base license price for Delphi Prism is used here (the price you pay includes the obligatory subscription for a year as well). But you have to ask Embarcadero - I'm "only" a reseller, I don't make the rules here, sorry...
Delfi Phan 10/10/19 10:19:53On the page you have linked, I selected Delphi XE-Win32, Professional, Upgrade, Single User, x1, no Software Subscription. I then clicked the Volgende Stap button and it showed RAD Studio XE (Entreprise) for 3140.41 Euro, so I went back to the first page and it shows what I selected, but still 3140.41 Euro, which is impossible. So I wondered how you update the price once you select the product.
Bob Swart 10/10/19 10:25:28Delfi Phan: it's just an ASP.NET application, sending information using the session. Selecting a choice using the drop-down lists invokes "autopostback" (which may require JavaScript to be active - perhaps that's the problem on your end?). I've had hundreds of successful orders using this little app, so I'm not sure what the problem is. I just tried, and it still works fine for me...

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