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Software Development Conference - Oct 25-26, 2010

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 10/11/2010 10:47:45 PM (GMT+1)

Only two more weeks until the Software Development Conference in Zeist, The Netherlands (Oct 25-26) featuring a number of parallel conferences including the Delphi Development Conference with 5 well-known Delphi developers / speakers to offer you some great technical sessions.

Speakers and topics include:

  • Marco Cantù

    • The Delphi XE Toolset
    • The Fun Side of Delphi at SDC
    • Delphi REST and Cloud Clients
    • Using JavaScript and Delphi REST Servers

  • Pawel Glowacki

    • Delphi Graphics Programming

  • Cary Jensen

    • Getting Current with Delphi: IDE Productivity
    • Getting Current with Delphi: Language Features
    • Migrating Legacy Delphi Applications to Unicode

  • Bob Swart

    • Delphi Debugging & Profiling Techniques

  • Jim Tierney

    • DataSnap Server Application Types
    • DataSnap Server Advanced Topics

I hope to see you there!



Ashwin Thakur 10/10/12 04:00:19Software Development Conference - Oct 25-26, 2001 in The Netherlands??? You mean... Software Development Conference - Oct 25-26, 2010 in The Netherlands or else I'll have to buy a Deloran and contact Doc Brown!
Bob Swart 10/10/12 07:32:41Oops... Hold on.... fixed ;-)

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