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Delphi XE SubVersion integration - no Lock / Unlock

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/8/2010 10:30:44 PM (GMT+1)

Those of you who already work with Delphi XE may have noticed that the SubVersion integration offers Update / Submit / History capabilities (from the IDE), but no Lock (Checkout) or Unlock (Checkin) functionality.

If you also miss this functionality, and want it added to the integration, then consider voting for my QC feature request report #87736. Thanks in advance!

I know there are people who never use the explicit locking paradigm, but the branch/merge for big changes, and manual conflict resolution for small changes. However, my personal experience is that Branch/merge is really not good enough if multiple people from different places (i.e. not in the same office) work on the same projects, and cannot easily "tell" others to stay away from certain source files for editing and making changes (especially for agile development when bug reports need to be addressed ASAP). In my experience Lock/Unlock is the best way to avoid problems.



Uwe 10/09/08 23:26:38I haven't voted yet, but I'll at least monitor the report and will probably somewhen implement this feature.
Bob Swart 10/09/08 23:34:16That's great. Thanks a lot in advance, Uwe!
Alexandre Machado 10/09/08 23:36:34Agreed 100% Doctor! I also use Lock/Unlock scheme in Subversion.
Guus Creuwels 10/09/09 08:54:54Totally agree. It's a must have!
LDS 10/09/09 09:41:33Pessimistic locking is ok for files that could be difficult to merge or resolve conflicts (i.e. dproj, sometimes the .dpr or .dfm if your going to heavily modify them), but it could a be a real pain with other files. I used it with VSS, and would never get back to that model. If you have issues, IMHO you developers do not understand the concurrent model enough. That said, SVN integration should offer most of the functionalities available in any good client, after all it's up to the developers to work the way they like.

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