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Simon Kissel updated CrossKylix

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 7/22/2010 4:46:03 PM (GMT+1)

It's been a while (a few years), but Simon Kissel has released another update to CrossKylix (thanks a lot, Simon).

6 years after the 1.0.0 release and after being announced to be discontinued, CrossKylix today got an update again. This update makes CrossKylix compatible to Windows 7, and fixes a long-standing annoying bug causing the first error message on a compiler error to be garbled and code navigation to this error not working in that case.



FromEurope 10/07/22 19:00:25Good to see someone thanking him for this. Its in marked contrast to his treatment on the Embarcedro Newsgroups when he tryed to announce this or anyone comment about it. They are continually deleted with no explanation.
Peter (Europe) 10/07/22 20:33:44It is a shame what happens currently at Emba and Emba newsgroup! Nick, Simon, ...
Arnaud 10/07/22 23:16:06I've used CrossKylix for years. It works like a charm. Great tool!
xalion 10/07/23 03:42:54I like crosskylix , but they deleted him from newsgroup!
FromEurope 10/07/23 07:17:15 Read this especially last two entries regarding thr Emba Newsgroups :-
Eric 10/07/23 10:34:25Not sure what's happening internally with Embarcadero lately, but it just doesn't seem be good things.
Peter 10/07/23 12:59:16yeah, like a war. Seems that they have failed some mile stones. The coolness and enthusiasm of the old Borland 1995 staff is gone. People get older and fresh blood
FromEurope 10/07/24 17:03:14Worth Reading again before the thread most likely disappears :

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