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Delphi Roadmap, special offer and SDN event

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 5/12/2010 8:20:32 AM (GMT+1)

Embarcadero has just published the new Roadmap for Delphi (Prism) and RAD Studio. This Roadmap includes information on the upcoming Delphi Fulcrum, supporting both Windows and Mac OS X application development, Delphi Wheelhouse (adding Linux support), the 64-bits Compiler Preview (early 2011), Delphi Commodore (the full 64-bits version) and project Chromium.
See for more details, including specifics on Delphi Prism as well.

While we're waiting for the next releases, there's a new special offer to keep us happy (for those who are not yet using Delphi 2010): purchase a Delphi (or C++Builder) 2010 Upgrade or New User license, and get RAD Studio 2010 instead (which includes C++Builder and Delphi Prism). Those of you from the UK or BeNeLux who order through me will also get the Delphi 2010 Development Essentials and Delphi Prism 2010 Development Essentials PDF manuals (which can be printed) as well as personal e-mail support when needed.
This special offer lasts until the end of June, but if you're smart, you'll add subscription (aka "maintenance and support"), so you are ensured to get all new versions of RAD Studio when they become available. Which will include RAD Studio 2011 when it is released later this year (combined with a free seminar in Helmond Brandevoort to show you all new features, of course).

Talking about seminars: next week (Tuesday, May 18th, 2010) is the Software Development Network Event (SDE) in Zeist, The Netherlands, where we'll feature a number of Delphi sessions again. First of all, Fabio Dell'Aria (from EurekaLog) will do sessions on "How to find the exception source line of a just delivered software!" and "How to prevent source code bugs and speed-up the testing phase". Then, two Dutch speakers will cover details about two real-world Delphi projects: Herbert Schrama about "Ervaringen bij het bouwen van een CAD toepassing met Delphi" and Peter Hoefsloot about "Voedselschaarste in Afrika en Delphi".
See for more information. Note that this event is also open for non-members (for a small fee).

Finally, some reseller news: apart from being an Embarcadero (development tools) and RemObjects Software reseller, I've recently also become a Sybase reseller for Advantage Database System, in my view the ideal BDE replacement. See my English or Dutch articles for more information on ADS.



Anon 10/05/13 00:30:42The new "Roadmap" is a joke. The ONLY date mentioned in the entire thing is for the preview release of a deliverable that was previously indicated for delivery LAST YEAR on an older Roadmap. Embarcadero have a serious credibility issue with these Roadmaps, not least for the laughable way in which they are presented.... just dumping the PowerPoint slides to a web page (complete with hyperlinks in images that simply "link" to embiggened version of the slide image, NOT to the links they appear to link to) really doesn't create a very professional or reassuring image.
AnonUK 10/05/13 02:59:57Totally agree with Anon above. Its a joke to even call it a roadmap IMO ! Who is now going to take the date for the preview 64bit Compiler seriously anyway now after the IMO frankly pathetic goings on over this issue for at least three years to my knowledge ? Embarcadero has ZERO Credibility as far as I am concerned !
ANON_NZ 10/05/13 04:34:41Good to know someone at Embarcadero has a sense of humor. "Delphi Commodore (the full 64-bits version)" ..... Commodore and 64 in the same sentence...either someone is playing a prank, or no-one else has made the connection.....I hope this doesnt mean we will be limited to 16 colors and 64kb of programming space :-)
Leif Mønniche 10/05/14 12:29:17@ Bob Thanks for keeping us opdated and for the two pdf SOAP articles. As You know I still use D2.01 with my beloved components from Turbo- and InfoPower (FlashFiler 1.07 plus some homegrown stuff based upon TeeChart 3.0 and TPrintObject. My DelphiMagazines are highvaluated treasuries. I also liked D4 but did not leave my D2. Since D7 I have been patient and followed the development by installing trial versions, but they never satisfied my needs and required too much energy to get updated. Since 2003 I was aware of the WebService opportunities but D7, D2005, 2006, 2007 or D2009 or Visual Studio 2008 with DPrism is not able do consume following WebService: The only way I can consume it is with Visual Studio 2008 Professional in #C as a WebForm. And what I would like is to consume the Web Service from a Win32 Front-end like Your eksample code - Consuming Web Services with Delphi Prism - I love my Delphi and know that my problem have a solution, but I simply can't see it. This is just ment as a feed-back from one of Your colleges. Thank You for this forum - It is very much appreciated.
Leif Mønniche 10/05/15 23:49:00Hi - the VS 2008 Prof .NET 3,5/DPrism/Add Web Reference/Web reference name/ do not like a dash in file references after removing it the import works smooth. (My 1 Gbytes RAM maybe too less) Excuse me for boring You :))
Bob Swart 10/05/17 11:09:21@Leif: I'm glad you found a solution (or workaround) for your problem.

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