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C++Builder 2010 and the missing DataSnap Wizards

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 4/2/2010 2:05:08 PM (GMT+1)

C++Builder 2010 Enterprise includes support for DataSnap 2010, although it's not always as easy as for Delphi 2010 developers since the DataSnap Wizards are missing in the C++Builder personality. This means that C++Builder 2010 developers have to manually create new projects, place components, assign property values, hook up event handlers, etc. (not to mention that it's currently very hard to produce DataSnap 2010 servers with Server Methods implemented in C++).

A QC report with a feature request has been submitted - so please vote for this report if you also want to see the missing DataSnap Wizards in C++Builder.



Mike 10/04/03 01:20:58Thank you Bob Swart for this note! We really need this Wizard in C++ Builder.
Carl 10/06/04 20:32:31Dear Bob! What about your article C++ Builder 2010 and DataSnap? You told that this article will be public end of May. Where we can download this article? Thanks.
Bob Swart 10/06/06 17:08:47The article is in the proof-reading status. I'm sorry about the delay, but that's out of my hands...
denzel 10/08/14 14:20:58i like C++ Builder
Joel 10/08/24 16:27:41Good news! In new C++ Builder XE add DataSnap Wizard (Preview #3):

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