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The Delphi 2010 Survey

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 10/24/2009 12:15:44 PM (GMT+1)

The Delphi 2010 Survey is online, conducted by Embarcadero and the Product Management for the Delphi product. The responses are extremely important to us and help to shape the vision and future of Delphi, so please take your time to fill it out.

I know the survey is long, very LONG! But again, the information the Delphi Team gets from the answers you give are needed more than ever.



Bob Swart 09/10/24 12:19:42Please note that this survey is directed at Delphi developers and thus contains very little C++Builder or Delphi Prism-oriented content. If you are a C++Builder or Delphi Prism developer as well as a Delphi developer, please take this survey from the perspective of your "Delphi side". We expect to follow up this survey with another one aimed specifically at C++Builder and Prism developers.
Ken Knopfli 09/10/26 14:50:32One perennial weakness is Help/Docs/Samples and they're obviously aware of that, but there's no way to make suggestions. Bring back the runtime library docs; and integrate community info, like Zarko's most excellent contribution on "".

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