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Delphi 2010 Masterclass on Nov 2-4, 2009 in Helsinki, Finland

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/22/2009 12:40:27 PM (GMT+1)

From Monday, Nov 2nd until Wednesday Nov 4th, 2009, I'll be in Helsinki, Finland, for a 2.5-day RAD Studio 2010 Essentials seminar (spoken in English) covering Delphi topics like the IDE and Language enhancements (Generics, Anonymous Methods, Touch/Gesture), UNICODE, VCL Database Development (DBX4 and DataSnap), Web Development (IntraWeb, ASP.NET and AJAX), and XML, SOAP and Web Services.
The .NET topics will be covered using Delphi Prism 2010.
A detailed courseware manual will be given to the attendees, including e-mail support after the event.

See the website of Moonsoft Oy for the agenda and booking details.



Bob Swart 09/10/26 17:41:43This event in Helsinki (Finland) has been rescheduled to February 8-10, 2010. The similar event in Stockholm (Sweden) on November 16-18, 2009 will commence as planned (with almost 20 registrations already).
Bob Swart 10/01/18 15:22:59I'm afraid the seminar on February 8-10 2010 had to be cancelled. The people who registered for the event will be contacted with a complimentary copy of my Delphi 2009 Development Essentials courseware manual to make up for the inconvenience.
Note that you can still register for the Delphi 2010 Development seminar in Goteborg, Sweden from May 31st, 2010 until June 2nd, 2010.

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