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How to get rid of an annoying warning...

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/22/2006 7:47:35 PM (GMT+1)

Since Delphi now supports WideString and WideChar characters by default, there's a warning which just annoys me every time I get it: the "WideChar reduced to byte char in set expression".
For example in the following code snippet:

S: String;
if S[1] in ['0'..'9'] then ...
I've looked at a number of ways to get rid of the warning (feel free to let me know, thanks in advance), but so far the only way I found was to uncheck the "WideChar reduced to byte char in set expression" warning in the Project Options | Compiler Messages dialog:

Note that I've also checked the default option, so I will never see this warning again!

If anyone knows a better way to remove the warning - preferably by fixing the code, I would welcome a hint.



JB06/02/22 21:43:33if AnsiChar(S[1]) in ['0'..'9'] then ...
Bob Swart06/02/22 22:35:10Duh! I thought I had tried that already... Thanks!
Anon06/02/24 13:05:22"Since Delphi now supports WideString and WideChar characters by default" How? I wasn't aware of this.

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