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Buy Delphi 2009 Upgrade - get RAD Studio 2009 instead

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 6/2/2009 4:40:57 PM (GMT+1)

Special Offer for June 2009: order Delphi 2009 Upgrade (Professional, Enterprise or Architect) and get a corresponding edition of RAD Studio 2009 instead! This means C++Builder 2009 and Delphi Prism 2009 for free. Also, when you order from me, you get the PDF edition of my Delphi 2009 Development Essentials PDF courseware manual, and access to my newsgroups.

Please note that I can only handle orders from The Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg.



Birger 09/06/03 09:44:47The offer is probably not valid for new licenses bought in May? ;-)
Bob Swart 09/06/03 10:38:39I'm afraid not - it's only for Upgrades (not New User licenses) and only in June, sorry...
Harry 09/06/04 09:32:22Bij aanschaf een update delphi 2009 enterprise met Software Subscription geldt deze laatste dan ook voor de RAD Studio 2009 of is het mogelijk daar appart een Software Subscription voor de RAD studio 2009 aan te schaffen.
Ken Knopfli 09/06/04 10:09:43If you get RAD Studio and you're working in Delphi, then you look up something in Help; do you end up getting the Delphi32, Prism and C++ Builder Help, all at the same time, like in D2007?
Bob Swart 09/06/04 10:40:38Harry: als je via de speciale aktie Delphi 2009 koopt, dan krijg je RAD Studio 2009. De subscription zal dan ook op basis van RAD Studio 2009 moeten, helaas. Je krijgt wel de RAD Studio 2009 upgrade voor de prijs van de Delphi 2009 upgrade, maar de subscription is een "gewone" RAD Studio subscription, zonder verdere korting.
Bob Swart 09/06/04 10:42:10Ken: the RAD Studio help contains everything for Win32: Delphi for Win32 and C++Builder, but you can filter the help (also for third-party contents). Delphi Prism has the help in the form of an online wiki at
Richard 09/06/04 14:01:34Is this offer available in other regions such as the United Kingdom? - the Embarcadero website just shows an offer with TMS smooth controls
Bob Swart 09/06/04 14:09:34I do not know if the offer is available outside of the BeNeLux - since I'm not allowed to resell outside of the BeNeLux, I never hear of other offers (outside of BeNeLux), sorry...

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