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Project CrossTalk

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 5/4/2009 11:30:33 PM (GMT+1)

Check out this recent announcement of something that will be very interesting for Delphi developers: Project CrossTalk - a project for Delphi that allows native Delphi code to consume .NET code in a very transparent way, very much like referencing a package. Stay tuned for more...



Bob Swart 09/05/04 23:36:40A new link to the blog post is
Holger Flick 09/05/05 10:44:43It seems the name CrossTalk is used differently in the industry for a RFID management system already and I guess the name is protected by licenses. See . Sadly, the blog of Atozed does not allow commenting or any form of contact, so I put it here instead.
Chad Z. Hower 09/05/05 11:26:36You can also click contact on the Atozed site. Re CrossTalk Trademarking that will be like trying to trademark "Television". There was even a very popular terminal package in the early 90's called CrossTalk as well.
Ken Knopfli 09/05/05 11:38:31Am I the only one that finds this project strange? I have worked for 7 years with C# and I really miss the finer granularity, directness and flexibility of the VCL, not to mention the broken font rendering in .NET - Now, if someone would write a C# compiler for native code, I'd be interested!
Holger Flick 09/05/05 12:33:57CrossTalk is clearly a composition of two words with different capitalization that makes it stand out and different. So the "Television" comparison does not apply in this case. However, that's for other people to decide :)
Chad Z. Hower 09/05/06 00:08:51Native code C# compiler?
Ken Knopfli 09/05/07 12:02:53@Chad Z. Hower: - Interesting! Thanks for the link.
Guus Creuwels 09/05/26 16:03:24In the roadmap article in the latest Blaise Pascal magazine one feature of Delphi Wearver will be "Seamless .NET <> Native communication". Is that the same as Project Crosstalk is going to bring or does Embarcadero mean some other cool stuff when they say "Seamless .NET <> Native communication" ?
Bob Swart 09/05/27 09:30:27My guess is that these are the same thing indeed...
seo service 13/09/06 22:55:58oALYju Major thankies for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

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