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Borland looks for buyer of IDE business...

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/8/2006 12:55:50 PM (GMT+1)

As announced in a press release on Borland's website as well as a follow-up blog post by DavidI, Borland is looking for a buyer for the IDE division, which includes Delphi, C++Builder, C#Builder, Kylix, JBuilder, etc.

Borland will continue with the ALM path. The new company will continue with the IDE products. My loyalty will be to the new company; to Delphi and the other IDE products.

Note that there will be a Borland community live chat today Wednesday, February 8,
2006 3:00:54 PM PST (2006-Feb-08 23:00 UTC). This is a general Q&A session hosted by Borland Developer Relations. And I guess we now know what's on the agenda...



Omar Resse (el Toro)06/02/08 15:02:31I have been a Pascal/Delphi programmer for 20 years. Like all Delphi programmers, I've seen the slow motion fall of Delphi. Now the Borland board basically rolled the dice. I think it´s a good thing. If a large corporation buys it, their marketing people will figure the best way to milk the IDE products. That's pretty much what Borland was doing now, so we stay the same. But may be some medium company shows up and puts a Delphi tech-head to run the show. ( Like you Bob ) than we are safe :)
Callius06/02/08 15:43:42http://
Clinton Warren06/02/08 17:51:14They should put the ALM products into a spin-off company named 'Inprise'. Leave the IDE tools where they belong, at Borland.
Gnome Oze06/02/08 18:59:42Google Delphi?
Bob Swart06/02/08 23:58:13At least it was confirmed by Jesper Hogstrom (Borland) that ECO would stay with Delphi (i.e. go to the New Company as well).
J.D. Hildebrand06/02/09 18:34:11Oh my. Oh my my my.
a cynic06/02/10 04:26:11This is the kind of decision a CEO makes when he is managing for the shareholders instead of the customers - which is the mistake Borland CEOs have been making for years.
Oliver H. Bailey06/02/14 15:52:05I think this is a trend in the software industry in general. Microsoft has quietly laid off thousands due to the lack of sales. The open source movement is closing in on software companies and mature products like Delphi are no longer worth the several thousand dollars that is being charged for them. Why is Microsoft giving away a version of their language compilers? If the software industry doesn't push to have financial value assigned to in-development products and finished manufactured goods just as hardware the industry cannot survive for profit in the long term. We need a $99 Delphi and a $99 Kylix.
Callius06/02/14 16:42:57Will it be Chrome next for many of us? They support Linux and Apple besides Windows and have advanced the Object Pascal lang in interesting ways .... Well, I'm just downloaded their free stuff and about to test it now.
Carse06/04/11 21:03:19It's the sign of the times, IBM gets sued by Linux over copyright infringements, so IBM dumps its source into open source. It was not worth the cost of settling the litigation. Now Borland can't sell JBuilder with all the free suff floating around. Visual studio is cheap as it could be at less than 1K initially. Borland needs to bring the price down a bit and offer subscription services in packages, and forget trying to make alot of money(They admit they're not) from Delphi. Biggest mistake Borland made was deviating away from the core language of pascal. Trying to bring in C++ developers with a pascal based product is double the work and double the buggs. I never did see any c++ based components, they're all written in Delphi, how can one expect a big C++ audience that way is beyond me. It's the end of the road for Delphi, there is just not enough developer interests as the majority of developers are C++. It stands to reason that if you want developers to buy a product you should stick with the power of the majority.
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