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CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 Trial with Delphi Prism ISO

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 11/28/2008 11:38:13 AM (GMT+1)

You can now download the CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 Trial with Delphi Prism ISO (at 1.4 GB), and request a trial key, in order to install a 14-day trial edition of the Delphi Prism portion of RAD Studio 2009 (or, if you already have a real key for RAD Studio 2009 or Delphi Prism 2009, you can use that key to install the full non-expiring version of Delphi Prism).
Use this opportunity to get to know the new .NET flavour of Delphi! And if you're in The Netherlands or Belgium, don't forget to register for the free Delphi Prism seminar on Thursday, December 4th in Helmond Brandevoort.



vicente 08/11/29 12:12:08I downloaded the trial and in the middle of instalation fail. The program try access to disk K: and this disk doesnt exist. I think that the produc/trial needs more time.
Tom van der Vlugt 08/12/01 15:31:08I've two questions: 1. Is this the bootstrap download (about 10 megabyte or less) or the full iso image? 2. Are installing it on Vista or XP? Tom
Bob Swart 08/12/01 15:36:28Tom: you can download both the bootstrap or the 1.4 GB ISO image - just click on the right button or link for the ISO.
I'd recommend installing it on XP or Windows Server 200X, but it should also work fine on Windows Vista ;-)
vicente 08/12/02 16:45:48I had the problems in windows xp with all service packs and patches. I found this problem in a virtual machine. In this virtual machine works fine and without problems with a lot of programs. (delphi 7, 2007 ......). The machine was created from the begining with windows xp and without other programs or utilities and the next step was install delphi prism.

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