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Blaise Pascal Magazine issue #4

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 11/27/2008 11:07:38 AM (GMT+1)

Blaise Pascal Magazine issue #4 is now released and available for download from
Articles from issue #4 include:

  • Advanced Enumerators - Primoz Gabrijelcic
  • Text encryption - David Dirkse
  • First In First Out - Frank Dubbeld
  • Delphi and the Keyboard - David Dirkse
  • RichEdit reports - Henk Schreij
  • BookmarkStr - Henk Schreij
  • Continuation Curve Fitting made easy - Peter Bijlsma
  • Book commentary - Frans Doove
  • Delphi 2009 Language Enhancements - Bob Swart
  • Hacks3-Access to private fields - Hallvard Vassbotn
  • Creating TView object - Jeremy North
  • Delphi Memory Streams - Marco Cantu
  • SOA part two - Fikret Hasovic



K. Austrheim 08/11/27 17:58:53I have paid 25 euro via PayPal for 4 issues, but how in h... can you download them ? And there is no mail address for support.
Bob Swart 08/11/27 18:34:52You paid 25 Euro for a subscription and have no e-mail address to contact them? Then how did you pay? Did you never receive your issues? Very strange...
If you look closely at the website, you find as support e-mail address...
K.Austrheim 08/11/28 13:02:49It's OK now, the mail needed som more time. And it seems like a great value for the money.

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