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Enterprise Core Objects III

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 1/14/2006 12:02:43 PM (GMT+1)

For those of you who haven't seen it before, I've written a series of articles for the electronic Bitwise Magazine on Enterprise Core Objects II (with as main example this ASP.NET weblog application that you're currently looking at).

Since the release of Delphi 2006, I've been working with Enterprise Core Objects III, the successor of ECO II, and I've been migrating (or more rebuilding) my weblog application using some of the new ECO III features. Right now, the actual deployed application is still ECO II based, but in another month or two (I need to find some spare time), I'll deploy and document the ECO III version. Together with a number of articles discussing the new features (including the State Machine support, among others).

Until that time, you can read a very brief summary of my thoughts on ECO III.



Leonardo Morais06/01/22 22:10:04I,ve just converted yours ECOII weblog application to ECOIII and was nice. Really then ECO framework is very powerfull. My contact:
Leonardo Morais06/01/22 22:13:49Do you know where can I find more ECOIII Tutorial Samples? Contact:
Leonardo Morais06/01/23 02:10:54Please could you send the Rss.pas Source. I did not Know how to write it
Gardenal06/02/08 21:35:22Wooww. testing... only testing... 18:43:39Do You have ECO guide more...books , I want buy it,i from in Taiwan.
Bob Swart06/03/20 10:09:21My ECO III courseware manual is approaching 100 pages, and will first be used at my Delphi 2006 ECO III training class on March 30th, 2006 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In April, it will be made available for general purchase from
A. K. fard06/05/07 16:09:57Where can I find more special information about ECOIII technology in internet? Please contact
Peter Manning06/07/14 13:33:44I have just finished the tutorial on ECO II which is great! - although whilst doing so I did have to change a few things to overcome problems. There seems to also be missing instructions on how to implement the login page...I could also not get the HashPassword program to work :( But thanks anyway

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