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Delphi Prism

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 10/6/2008 1:06:56 PM (GMT+1)

Today at the Software Development Conference in The Netherlands, Nick Hodges disclosed details about Delphi Prism, which will be a Delphi.NET Visual Studio (Shell) plug-in (enabling the WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, LINQ, SilverLight, etc. designers - but not CF.NET or WorkFlow). They also plan to include dbExpress for ADO.NET and DataSnap for .NET clients (and in the future .NET servers). That will offer connectivity to more DBMSs than just Visual Studio (and thin/smart clients to DataSnap Win servers), which is a big plus over "regular" Visual Studio solutions. Nick also mentioned that the language would be superior to C# in some areas (for that, we have to wait and see)...
Delphi Prism will be a separate product, but it's also part of the RAD Studio 2009 package (which will consist of Delphi 2009, C++Builder 2009 and Delphi Prism). Delphi Prism will be sold with subscription only (which will make it easier to release upgrades and updates during your subscription period without caring for new versions, upgrade prices, etc.).
CodeGear will be at PDC at the end of this month, were Nick said they would do the announcement. Nick also said that Delphi Prism will be available before the end of this year.



Bob Swart 08/10/06 17:19:21To clarify: you can write CF.NET code, but there is no designer for CF.NET (nor for WorkFlow) since these are tied to C# or VB too much...
Deli Soetiawan 08/10/07 04:09:58How it will be compared with Oxygen Programming Language?
Patrick vd Pieterman 08/10/07 08:35:18I wonder how this is related to REMObjects oxygene (a.k.a. Chrome).
Derek 08/10/07 11:17:46My Guess is Prism will be effectively by a RemObjects/CodeGear Joint venture and Be a combination of Oxygene with VCL.Net etc. That way they have legancy code covered together with new technologies. Also then explain use of the VS Shell,been able to get it out the door by end of year and also the one teasing entry in Marc's Blog :-))
Paul Morey 08/10/07 14:51:48We have a heavy investment in Delphi Win32 code, but were looking to develop a few mobile apps using CF.NET. It is very disappointing to hear that Delphi Prism will not support CF.NET designers. I guess we'll have to use RemObjects Oxygene.
snorkel 08/10/07 18:09:21"We have a heavy investment in Delphi Win32 code, but were looking to develop a few mobile apps using CF.NET. It is very disappointing to hear that Delphi Prism will not support CF.NET designers. I guess we'll have to use RemObjects Oxygene." If the designers are tied to c# and VB, how can RemObjects use them and not CodeGear? And if Prism indeed equals Oxygene, then you should have nothing to worry about right?
VT Venkatesh 08/10/08 02:28:37Oxygene also does not support CF since MS has not made the CF designer available for any product except vb & C#.
Bob Swart 08/10/08 13:12:23Unlike the reports by others, Delphi Prism has NOT been announced, yet.
Trebor 08/10/08 20:49:22Interesting, Codegear dropped winforms support (and designer) in D2007 with explanation that VCL.Net is far superior that Winforms (btw winforms was considered as a technology with uncertain future). Now, it seems that VCL.Net is facing dead end ?
Bob Swart 08/10/08 20:58:25The future of VCL for .NET is uncertain - since Delphi Prism is hosted in the Visual Studio 2008 Shell (with no VCL for .NET designers) and no talks of future Delphi for .NET personalities inside the RAD Studio IDE, it may be that CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 is the last environment to develop/maintain VCL for .NET apps (like Delphi 7 and Kylix 3 are the last environments to maintain CLX apps). Time will tell (you could always migrate VCL for .NET back to native VCL, of course)...
Albert Drent 08/10/09 23:20:47Isn't there an action out there that converts the VCL into a Oxygene version? Can't remember the name but it was on one of the newsgroups of RO.
Lex Y. Li 08/10/11 14:26:50Hi Albert, you mean ShineOn? It is nearly a reimplementation of Delphi for .NET VCL and RTL libraries. There are also other tools that help converting VCL forms to WinForms dialogs.
AtomLin 08/10/15 22:43:36Always let fans very their triditional. Why they donn't understand ,what the fans want?
Mz S&M 08/10/23 00:20:02"Always let fans very their triditional. Why they donn't understand ,what the fans want?" --> because the fans do not speak english correctly :p just kidding you; neither do I, or anyone else: except brits :D And that's true,it's a tradition for Borland/CodeGear to disappoint their fans: may be it's because delphi7 was so good that actually they could not do better: and that's why I will NEVER upgrade :p One question: is it just an updated version of Oxygene or also a "port" of some of the delphi IDE to .NET & VS2008? Anyway, keep the good work CodeGear: your fans will never betray you : delphi for long as I don't get fired :D
gaza 09/03/06 00:26:09Delphi 8 promised so much and delived so little I still use delphi 7 but its the last borland or whoever product I will purchase. I was any early adopter of 8 but that won't happen again. Borland only have themselfs to blame, thank god for opensource
frank 09/09/29 13:13:48Thank you for posting practical, real-world information about using delphi - useful and much appreciated. rather new in this stuff, I pay much attention to self-education. have used to find great blogs with useful pieces of information by search engine, but always search for smth more. really glad to find good ones. Is there any chance you will be posting a recording or your materials after you've presented. I'm not going to be able to fly out. I haven't seen this in action and would be really interested checking out your material.
Srinu 12/10/14 07:56:15Agree very much. On the one hand, Anders enforced a coienrvatsve culture that we all benefit from now.But Delphi Pascal is needlessly verbose by modern standards. It also has throwbacks that made sense when PCs were slower, like Interface/Implementation sections, but which make code maintenance a chore, esp. Properties. C# does this and many other things so much more elegantly.My ideal language right now would be C# for native code.

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