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Delphi User Groups

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 1/2/2006 3:11:01 PM (GMT+1)

Delphi User Groups are an important part of the Delphi Community. They mainly exist to provide members with essential information and support in a number of ways, including meetings, magazines, newsgroups, etc.

Apart from supporting their members, User Groups also require support from their members. Support can consists of writing an article for the magazine or website, attending meetings, reading or responding to newsgroups messages, or becoming (staying) a member in the first place.

I'm member of a number of Delphi User Groups (and have been for 10+ years):

  • For the UK Developers Group, I'm webmaster, write articles for the online magazine, and will be present at a meeting or masterclass at least once a year.
  • For the Dutch Software Developer Network, I've been an author for their magazine and website, and frequent speaker at the SDE and SDC events. In 2006 I've joined the "orgos" team, which means that I'll be more actively involved with the selection of authors and speakers (using my network in the Delphi community).
  • For the Dutch HCC Pascal/Delphi Gebruikersgroup I've been writing for the Blaise magazine, and done several presentations at the user days.

I can fully recommend these Delphi User Groups. And if you live elsewhere, I'm sure there's a user group in your local community that can support you (and vice versa).


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