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Blaise Pascal Magazine issue #3

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/1/2008 1:09:10 PM (GMT+1)

Blaise Pascal Magazine issue #3 has just been published at

Articles (with preview of the first page) of issue no. 3 include:
- VCL Ribbon controls Jeremy North
- Books Frans Doove
- Combining visual components Wim Zandt
- Color selection Component David Dirkse
- Introduction to Enumerators Primoz Gabrijelcic
- Images in a DbGrid Henk Schreij
- Change indication in a multiuser system Henk Schreij
- Curve Fitting made easy Peter Bijlsma
- Advantage Database Server 9 Rob van den Bogert
- VCL Property Editors Bob Swart
- Hack#2: Access to protected methods Hallvard Vassbotn
- Hack#1: update Hallvard Vassbotn
- Delphi Stream Classes Marco Cantu
- TExpandButton Jeremy North
- Extending streams Julian Bucknall
- Service Oriented Architecture Fikret Hasovic


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Holger Flick 08/09/02 11:25:30I think it is ridiculous that they changed their subscription model after the first or second issue. Furthermore, I do not appreciate not being notified as a registered member. Sad, as the articles and the topic spread is really good!

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