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Chad's back: IntraWeb Blog and Proposed Roadmap

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 7/17/2008 9:26:45 AM (GMT+1)

A couple of weeks ago, Chad Z Hower re-joined the IntraWeb team, and as an effect, we've seen some notable changes: an IntraWeb Blog as well as a Proposed IntraWeb Roadmap for the next version of IntraWeb, with some important changes (like Unicode, Silverlight and JQuery support, but also the removal of WAP and HTML 3.2 (suggested in the newsgroups) - as a result, I expect IntraWeb 9.x to stay around for a while even when IntraWeb 10.x is released).
It was also made clear in the Roadmap that Kylix is no longer supported, and neither is Delphi 8 for .NET, since the .NET version must be 2.0 at minimum in the future.


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Tulkas 08/07/22 13:47:42"removal of WAP and HTML 3.2" Are you sure? I'm using it, HTML 3.2 is the best way to make web applications for PocketPC or Blackberry. They don't need to be pretty, they must show and get the information needed.

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