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Second issue of Blaise Pascal Magazine is available

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 6/28/2008 5:06:15 PM (GMT+1)

It's been available from the site for a few days now: the second issue of the Blaise Pascal Magazine, with articles from yours truly, but also respected authors like Hallvard Vassbotn, Jeremy North and Julian Bucknall (among others).



Simon Kissel 08/06/28 22:30:41I guess they'd already have far more subscriptions if the website wasn't such an ugly and confusing mess, the subscription info less confusing (it's absolutely not clear what you are buying in many places) and the english on the website readable (having to click a "By button" to buy something isn't intuitive). For the first issue I decided not to subscribe due to all this, but now they at least offer CC payment (even if through the payment processor used doesn't exactly build confidence in regards of safety), so I just jumped through the hoops and ordered. Didn't take long to get my subscription confirmation. Sadly that one isn't less confusing. It's telling me to create an account on the website myself, telling me this would enable be to use the subscribers downloads. Of course that's far from logical, and consequently it doesn't work ;) So: The respected authors and the really interesting-sounding articles made me subscribe, and I'm pretty sure it's worth the money, and I'm more than happy to finally see a Pascal-focussed magazine on the market again - but other than that, things right now really look quite amateurish.
Lars Fosdal 08/06/30 09:47:41I have to agree with Simon. I was looking at that page some time back after finding "by accident". The rotten design and badly behaving page lead me to believe that the whole thing might just be a scam. There is some very nasty .js on that page - not well behaved at all. Someone needs to fix it if they want the magazine to be a success.
Bob Swart 08/06/30 10:15:28I've forwarded both of your comments to the editor. I'm afraid there's not much I can do about it (I'm mainly an author, who helped in contacting some of the other authors to help write for the new magazine)...
Editor Blaise Pascal Magazine Detlef Overbeek 08/06/30 10:48:08I am sorry hear this. I am quite willing to change things but it would be nice if it was somewhat more specific. About like or dislike: its a matter of taste. We are at a starting point and want to listen to what readers want. So if you can advise some changes please let me know. About Mr. Kissel: I asked you to answer but you did not. I will try to make things clearer. Please keep on responding...
Thaddy 08/06/30 15:18:31That javascript allegation is bollocks, Simon should apologize (or, frankly: learn javascript ;) ). I just checked: its fine. Not refined, but fine. The magazine looks promising (I already got a hard copy)
Thaddy 08/06/30 15:20:32err: Lars should apologize, that is. And do his homework. Sorry Simon. That said, design is a matter of taste. It is not a glossy, by no means. But its the content that counts.
Simon Kissel 08/06/30 16:38:37Thaddy: Sure, content is key, and it made me subscribe. Still: If the process of getting subscribed is a PITA, it might lead to poor sales no matter how good the content is. Detlef: Yes, got your mail, thanks, will get back to you.
Martin de Bont 08/07/01 07:21:20'Amateurish' - Right on the spot, since being a magazine for hobbyists originally. Done by a few people in their spare time - unpaid! Spending many, many hours off hard labor trying to bring a magazine to the world of Delphi enthusiasts of which I think you both are. I follow Thaddy in his opinion that you both should apologize. It is so easy to bring people down. It is OK to have an opinion, even to ventilate this opinion. Giving suggestions and tips and pointing out weeks spots are always very welcome and in time they will be addressed. Many hands make light work! To come to a full circle: Because of this amateurism (and enthusiasm) the magazine exists.
Simon Kissel 08/07/01 19:29:27Martin: I don't see what you are after. No matter if for-profit or not-for-profit, the team behind it obviously wishes people to subscribe to the magazine, paying money. The website and subscription process right now very likely scares off potential subscribers. I don't think I have to excuse for pointing out these parts after I've been affected by them myself, paid for the subscription and sent detailed feedback on what didn't work in the process to the editors. No matter what, the current website lets the project look worse than it is.
MvdH 08/07/06 09:32:20Nice initiative. I'll check out issue number 1 and if it's to my liking I'll get a full subscrubtion. I haven't tried the subscription pages yet, but the website is ok enough. :-) Looks promising.
Aunt Daisy 08/07/07 10:53:36Yes, the website could be slicker, but it's a real treat to have a Pascal magazine again (I miss the Delphi Mag), especially one with Julian Bucknall, Marco Cantu, Bob Swart... Issue 2 has plenty of new things and it's great to see Julian B's Algorithms again. BTW, as usual, I couldn't remember my password. The website let me change it online (rather than the usual e-mail). Is this secure, especially if someone else knows my e-mail address?
Editor Blaise Pascal Magazine Detlef Overbeek 08/07/07 17:07:02You can change it any time. Just let us know. Your password is your own secret.
MvdH 08/07/09 11:53:47Right. Issue one had some messy spots in the lay-out, but by far good/interesting enough to subscribe to, and so I will. :-)
Pato 08/07/22 03:54:46Did anybody notice the button that reads "Subsricptions"?
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