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Delphi 2007 for Win32 Web Development book

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 4/15/2008 4:51:26 PM (GMT+1)

See for information on the PDF edition of my 266-page Delphi 2007 for Win32 Web Development courseware manual (using mainly IntraWeb but a few dozen pages using WebSnap are included as well).
A printed edition on will be available around the end of this month. I'm first adding more content, including special sections regarding deployment (and converting application types), plus the IntraWeb Testing Framework.

The PDF edition can be purchased from my website for 49 Euro (with no further updates).

A more recent Delphi XE IntraWeb XI edition of this courseware manual is available for 99 Euro, which includes 12-months of free (regular) upgrades of the PDF file and e-mail support for the topics covered in the manual.



Donald Shimoda 08/04/15 17:26:44Hi Bob, is possible to make work Intraweb with FPC? I see theres Indy versions for FPC, but dont know how ,much win32 related is the intraweb source code. Thanks for your comments.
Bob Swart 08/04/15 17:31:54I'm afraid I've never used FPC, so I do not know if IntraWeb can be made to work with FPC - you need to ask the makers of IntraWeb I'm afraid...
Olaf Monien 08/04/16 07:41:44Porting IW to FPC would be a major challenge as we have strong dependencies to VCL and Win32. I'm not saying it's not doable, but the answer is: no IW doesn't work with FPC.
VT venkatesh 08/04/16 12:56:27Hi Bob Having your Blog with ECO & not bringing out a book about the latest edition of ECO IV 9which is really cool) is surprising.Now a days I do all my development with ECO & it is a real time saver
Bob Swart 08/04/16 13:12:26I thought there was an official documentor for ECO already, so why need me? ;-)

Having said that, ever since the first version of ECO I've had little demand for ECO training or support (and my ECO paperback on Lulu also doesn't sell nearly as good as my other Delphi books), so it's hard to justify any efforts from my side, sorry...

TDaniel 08/04/16 16:42:04Bob + Olaf: Information on pages 35-37 should be public information.
Bob Swart 08/04/16 17:00:43TDaniel? Who are you? How did you get a copy of the book if I may ask?
Bob Swart 08/04/16 17:13:46Or maybe you only read the table of contents? (sorry for misinterpreting your question then)
TDaniel 08/04/16 18:33:31Table of contents says enough for me.
TDaniel 08/04/16 18:54:01Sorry for being very interested...
Bob Swart 08/04/16 19:15:54No problem - sorry for the misunderstanding. Hopefully, the information on pages 35-37 will soon no longer be necessary, but otherwise I may post them in a blog sometime next week.
Some Content 08/04/17 13:36:40Hi Bob, Is it possible to see a bit of the content - instead of just the Table of Contents?
Bob Swart 08/04/17 13:39:05The version - available in a few weeks - will allow to get a preview of the first few pages (I will change that to include at least pages 35-37 in the preview).
I may also put some information online next week (when I have a bit more time on my hands)...
C. Feldmann 08/04/23 19:39:27Now that Arcana has moved components to open source, a chapter on to utilize them would be very useful.
Bob Swart 08/04/23 19:44:10First I want to finish a section on deployment and another one on the testing framework. Perhaps I'll add sections for third-party products later, but these vendors probably have their own set of documentation and samples, so I'm not really giving this a high priority, sorry...
Bob Swart 08/04/30 11:37:40A reader of the PDF version wrote to me: "I read almost all through your manual yesterday. It was very helplful and a great source of information.
In fact, your manual is much better then it looked on first sight form evaluating the table of content before the purchase. Your table of content looked on first sight as if 70% of the manual are reproducing information from the help files. But this is absolutley not true. In fact you really looked deep into Intraweb and show your expertise."
Bob Swart 08/04/30 11:38:19Another reader said: "I just want to let you know how pleased I am with your book. I browsed it briefly when I first received it and I have used it as a reference several times while working on an application. The time it has saved me has already made it worth the purchase. Thanks for the work and please keep it up!"
gattaca 08/05/01 00:56:26What is the release time?
Bob Swart 08/05/01 08:37:35I'm waiting for some more feedback as well as the .40 release of IntraWeb to incorporate these changes in the version of the manual that will be published on If you want constant updates, feel free to purchase the PDF (with free updates whenever they are released, instead of a 'fixed' version on Lulu).
You can expect the version within the next week or two, but I cannot be more specific at this time, sorry.
Y. Kirschner 08/05/16 20:23:16I found the book informative but very basic. For example: I was hoping to find out how to pool data connections. Do you have any plans to add that?
Bob Swart 08/05/20 17:28:31Apart from the fact that I've been ill last week (and will remain in bed this week as well), the IntraWeb manual for Lulu is not ready. The reason is that I'm waiting for some more feedback (from the AtoZedSoftware team) as well as the .40 release of IntraWeb to incorporate some bug fixes and changes in the version of the manual that will be published on
You can expect the version approximately two weeks after version .40 is released, but that hasn't happened yet (and is beyond my control, sorry)...
Bob Swart 08/05/20 17:29:31I will certainly consider adding information on pooling data connections (once I'm a bit better again)
gattaca 08/05/31 12:52:20Intraweb v9.0.41~~~~~ I need your book!!
Bob Swart 08/06/03 23:02:39The updated version of my IntraWeb courseware manual was released earlier this week, and sent to all subscribers. The manual covers IntraWeb up to 9.0.42 and is now 166 instead of the previous 150 pages.
The edition will be prepared after a 9.0.4x version is released to the general public (i.e. Delphi 2007 developers).
Bob Swart 08/06/05 11:43:22The Lulu edition is now available for purchase - see
Mauro 08/06/05 16:58:09Are there your IW Delphi Example source ? very simple o complex example ?
Bob Swart 08/06/06 07:53:24You can download the example source code for all my books on from and see for yourself...
Bob Swart 08/06/25 20:45:05Latest News: in upcoming updates, I will also cover Arcana Tech (Open Source) components as well as the TMS IntraWeb components.
Urs 08/07/03 11:58:35It would be nice, if you can add a chapter "Sharing Data Modules" (see ) with source-code-example in a next version...
Bob Swart 08/07/03 12:10:35I will do that, combined with the coverage of Data Pooling... give me a week or two (I'm also taking a little break in between)
Colin Kelly 08/07/22 14:22:19Will your book benifit me if I'm only using Delph 7 and IW 9.0.32?
Bob Swart - from vacation in Italy 08/07/23 11:37:19Screenshots will be using Delphi 2007, but it will still be helpful enough (I think)...
Bob Swart 08/08/06 23:16:46A new edition has been published and sent to all subscribers, covering new topics like data connection pooling.
Peter Grimes 08/08/08 02:40:27Why is the paperback about $40 and the pdf around $150, seems a big difference to me.
Bob Swart 08/08/09 08:32:45Peter, as you can read at both descriptions, the paperback does not include updates or support by e-mail. The PDF file has been first published in April, and updated in June and August (this week actually) and is now 162 pages (170 including cover and TOC). The paperback at lulu is from June and 136 pages (142 including TOC). The Lulu paperback also doesn't include the WebSnap section (18 pages). There will be more updates to the PDF version, including coverage of TMS controls. I will most likely not update the paperback at Lulu until I've covered IntraWeb 10 - the next version.
So the paperback at Lulu is a good source of information, but the PDF file contains a bit more (and growing) and includes the option to ask further questions by e-mail (about the topics covered in the manual). So far, there have been roughly an equal number sold of either editions of the manual (although some people may have wished they went for the PDF file right away)...
Urs 08/09/11 13:53:40Bob, in a few sections of your book you talk about "PDA" or "mobile". That's why I tried to deploy a little IW-test-application to a WinMobile-Emulator. Unfortunately I failed to succeed! It would be great, when you could complement the existing chapter "Deployment" with a hint for this case. What do you think?
Bob Swart 08/10/07 21:48:50I have no experience with a WinMobile Emulator, sorry...
Andy Grilk 08/12/02 20:26:00Bob, I see back in August you mentioned including coverage of the TMS controls and IntraWeb 10 updating. Has this been done yet?
Bob Swart 08/12/02 22:07:02I'm still working on the coverage of the TMS controls in the manual, will hope to release that in a week or two as PDF to my PDF customers. Still IW 9.0.x however. I'm not sure at this time if I'll publish an IW 10 version, as there are already talks of IW 11, so I may skip 11 (most of the IW 9.x features can still be used with IS 10 anyway). So it may be later next year before a new version is published on, sorry...
Andre Brosda 08/12/09 15:35:00What covers you email support, if we subscribe (or buy) to the intraweb pdf? Its too bad that the delphimagazine isn't existing anymore, your articles were always very valuable to me.
Bob Swart 08/12/09 15:41:52Email support covers a more detailed explanation of a topic covered in the book, or explanation of example code when needed. It's support about things already covered in the manual, but perhaps not clear enough. You can also suggest new topics to cover, but due to time restrictions I cannot guarantee that all suggestions will end up being covered in the new editions (most will, but not all, sorry).
zhongguoren 09/03/07 10:59:17hi,bob. It's a great work you've done. i wonder how to get "The PDF file" by paying with my Chinese credit card ...
Bob Swart 09/03/07 11:39:50If you can use your Chinese credit card to pay using PayPal, then you can order the PDF file just fine. As an example, see this link to pay 99 Euro for my Delphi for Win32 VCL for the Web (IntraWeb) Development manual:
Greg Heffernan 10/02/06 14:03:54Bob, are you working on a Delphi 2009/10 version of your for Web Development book for Intraweb version 10.x? And addressing any (if) issues/benefits of Unicode strings? If so, when it is likely be ready for purchase?
Bob Swart 10/02/06 14:56:31Greg, I'm not working on an IW 10.x edition, but there will be an IW XI edition (probably when Delphi 2011 ships). In the meantime, I'm updating the existing edition which is using Delphi 2007 screenshots, but is compatible with Delphi 7-2007, and also with Delphi 2009 and 2010 (except for the Unicode strings, but these are covered in a chapter in the bonus Delphi 2009 Development Essentials PDF that people get for free when they purchase the Delphi for Win32 Web Development PDF directly from me.
Greg Heffernan 10/02/06 22:22:37Okay Bob, thanks; what is your best advice moving forward. I want to purchase your Web Development book however I want the latest information (don't use Delphi 2007 and want a Unicode version anyway). Should I simply want until your release IW 11 edition? I guess you sort of say how above, however can you reword that! Thanks.
Bob Swart 10/02/07 12:20:34Greg, if you purchase the current edition of the IntraWeb PDF book, you will also get a "Delphi 2009 Development Essentials" manual which covers Unicode (although not in combination with IntraWeb). However, as a customer of the PDF edition of the IntraWeb book, you will then also be in the first group to receive the IW XI edition, which also covers Unicode, which can be expected when Delphi 2011 ships with IW 11. I do NOT plan to cover IW 10.x, since there's little "new" compared to IW 9.0.42 (except for Unicode, but that is really not something specific to IntraWeb, but more a general (migration) issue for all your Delphi code, and covered in the Delphi 2009 Development Essentials book, as mentioned before.
Upgrading to Intraweb 10.*.*.* on Delphi 2006 Professional 10/07/13 08:09:46Upgrading to Intraweb 10.*.*.* on Delphi 2006 Professional after install on new project Unit IWException was compiled with a different version of InException.EInExceptionBase help me please. Dmitriy (
bob Swart 10/07/13 08:20:05As the book says, always uninstall the previous version of IntraWeb before you install a new version. If you installed Delphi with the bundled version of IntraWeb, you need to start the Delphi setup again, select Change/Modify and remote IntraWey (VCL for the Web) using Delphi's installation.{br} DO NOT EVER INSTALL A NEW VERSION OF INTRAWEB BEFORE UNINSTALLING A PREVIOUS VERSION. {p} You now may have to uninstall IntraWeb 10.x, then start Delphi 2006 installer and (try to) remove IntraWeb from that, then remove all IntraWeb .dcu, .bpl and other files from your disk and then try to reinstall IntraWeb 10.x again.
Upgrading 10/07/13 10:06:10Many thanks WORK
Nick DeLallo 10/09/06 18:28:12When is your next publication (update) on Intraweb
Bob Swart 10/09/28 08:42:38I'm working on the IW XI version, and will have one last update for the 9.0.42 edition before I publish the IW XI edition (a free update for all people who currently have the 9.x edition), before the end of this year.
Rick Hazell 10/12/16 17:55:01Do you have an update on the availability of your new IW XI book? I currently own "Delphi 2007 for Win32 Web Development"... is there any special upgrade pricing? :)
Bob Swart 10/12/16 18:02:42I hope to finish it this year, but it may be early 2011 when it's available. That's the bad news... The good news is that everyone who bought the PDF edition from me will get the IW XI edition of the PDF courseware manual FOR FREE. Even if you bought it several years ago.
Bob Swart 10/12/16 18:03:37But if you bought the paperback on, then you need to purchase the new paperback (once available) or the PDF edition if you want the IW XI stuff...
Murray Williamson 11/12/28 02:40:58Has the new edition (IW XI) been released yet? If not, any estimate on when?
hrs 12/08/03 22:34:40con intraweb se puede realizar un programa contable para 30 usuarios base interbase o firebird 2.03
Paul H 12/09/11 13:35:14Hi, is this book relevant for anyone starting to use the latest version of Intraweb? When was the book last updated and for which version of Intraweb? Thanks Paul
Bob Swart 12/09/11 14:28:40The most recent edition covers IntraWeb XI (and Delphi XE or higher). The Delphi 2007 and IntraWeb 9/10.x edition is old compared to the latest one. See for more details.

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