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Blaise Pascal - international magazine about Delphi and Pascal

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 4/6/2008 10:44:53 PM (GMT+1)

The first issue of the 44-page international edition of the Blaise Pascal programming magazine has just been published.

People can register on the website to be able to download the free edition, or you can purchase the printed edition (for world wide delivery) for a special price of only 25 Euro for the first year.

The magazine contains several articles about Delphi but will also cover Kylix, Pascal and related languages. For the first issue, I've written an article about Delphi 2007 and VCL Component Building (with a follow-up article already planned for next issue). See the table of contents for the other articles, and please help spread the word by telling your Delphi programming friends about this new publication!



Andreas Hausladen 08/04/06 23:59:58Kylix? Are you sure? Or do you know more than others?
John Wilfong 08/04/07 01:01:51Any idea how they intend to collect payment for subscriptions? All I found is an email link that produces an email stating that I want to subscribe at 25 Euros for the first year. There is no mention of how to actually pay for the magazine. Are they going to simply bill everyone? Maybe you can do a follow-up blog when they are ready to accept subscription payments.
Bob Swart 08/04/07 07:55:38Andreas: some of the readers of our Dutch edition still use Kylix, so we continue to cover that (but not very much). As well as articles about for example Chrome, Lazarus / Free Pascal and other Pascal implementations. The majority will be about Delphi (for Win32).
Bob Swart 08/04/07 08:18:47John: you will get an invoice. They are working on ways to pay electronically (including PayPal). More information will be published on the Blaise Pascal website shortly.
Dave Craggs 08/04/07 13:11:38It may be a good idea to add postcode to the email request.
Tim H 08/04/07 13:13:36Really good news ... but the link doesn't work / website is down. Ps: Nice 'tag line' but what about lowly professional edition users.
Bob Swart 08/04/07 13:18:05The website does not appear to be down to me... (and rest assured 'lowly' proferssional or even Turbo edition uses are also always welcome) ;-)
Detlef Overbeek 08/04/09 20:18:30To adjust the news about Blaise Pascal Magazine: it was a mistake to ad no postal code. Its added. About payment: it is possible now to pay by PayPal or creditcard. Everybody receives an invoice, even if you have paid by Paypal or creditcard. I assume that most people want some kind of receipt. About Kylix: I kan assure you that we will have articles about that in the september issue.

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