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Recompiling Decision Cube with Delphi 2007

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 3/14/2008 3:05:30 PM (GMT+1)

The Decision Cube may be deprecated (and only supporting BDE datasets), the source code is still included with Delphi 2007 and CodeGear RAD Studio in the RAD Studio\5.0\source\Win32\xtab directory. However, if you try to recompile the dcldss design-time package, you will get an error message about a missing gQeDelph unit...

This unit is not included in the list of source files, and also not in previous versions of Delphi. So, how can we compile the dcldss package? I quickly found that you only need to add the dclbde package to the requires list of the dcldss package in order to make it compile. And then you can use the (deprecated) Decision Cube even in Delphi 2007.

This problem is also mentioned in QC #45471 and #47700, but without explicitly mentioning the dclbde requirement step...



Bob Swart 08/03/14 15:24:59And in order to avoid conflicts between TeeChart packages tee100.bpl and tee7100.bpl, you should change the $LIBSUFFIX from '100' to '7100' in both the dcldss and dss package .dpk files.
Xepol 08/03/14 15:41:09Or, if it is a vital component you need, you could go get the ExpressPivotGrid from DevExpress. No I don't work for DevExpress.
Ralf Grenzing 08/03/14 17:54:23I could not recommend Decision Cube. As soon as you put some more data in it you getting errors. I would recommend also ExpressPivotGrid from DevExpress
Felipe Piña 09/01/04 05:09:56what about Fast Cube, do you know it?? i f so, what's your opinion?
Tarciso - Bh / Brasil 10/04/07 18:23:50thanks a lot dude ! you has just saved my day ! it works well done ! simple and efficient. thanks again best regards
Lula Tdscko 10/04/30 21:23:50Is there a Decision Cube for Delphi 2010 ?
Bob Swart 10/05/04 11:16:07Check out the C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\7.0\source\Win32\xtab directory for the Delphi 2010 edition of the Decision Cube. It doesn't compile, since it appears they've never migrated it to Unicode (so it's probably also included with Delphi 2009, but only as deprecated ANSI version)...
Flavio 11/04/28 19:57:36Hi, i have Delphi XE Professional and decision cube not work at execution of program. The data in decision grid is not visible and show the message "EArray error".
Randy 13/04/29 14:46:23Thanks Bob! Converting a Delphi 5 app to 2007 and this saved the day. As you state, the other posts didn't make it clear that the dclBDE was required.

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