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Happy Birthday Delphi

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/14/2008 9:56:16 AM (GMT+1)

Today it's 13 years ago (Valentine's Day 1995) that Delphi 1 shipped, so happy birthday Delphi - like my kids (Erik Mark Pascal born in 1994 and Natasha Louise Delphine born in 1996), you've grown fast to become a mature general purpose software development tool now, that I can't imagine living without. In fact, it's hard to imagine what my life the past 13 years would have looked like if it wasn't for Delphi. So I raise my glass (of coca cola) and wish you all the best for the next decade or two (at least)...

And happy Valentine's Day too, of course - especially to all Delphi developers out there ;-)



DelphiFreak 08/02/14 10:32:43Happy Birthday also to Delphi and thank's to you for all your work.
Lars Fosdal 08/02/14 11:08:30Happy Birthday to the most valuable tool (and probably most undervalued tool) on the market. It may not be hip and trendy, but there is no other tool that can boost your productivity like Delphi. I do remember that it initially was a love/hate relationship since the Turbo Pascal for Windows objects were made redundant by the Delphi classes. After the initial "schock", it really grew on you and I am still in love with Delphi :)
sainfotech 08/02/14 12:25:05Happy B'day. Thank you for the most valuable desktop development tool which changed our lives.
Rob Uttley 08/02/14 13:08:03Wow, only 13 years? Seems like it's been my whole life. And before that, BPO7 and TP5.5 :-) Happy Birthday Delphi, and thanks - a most brilliant Windows development tool. I seriously have no idea what I'd be using now if it wasn't for you - probably have gone through MSVC++ and VB and into C# or Java now. And every couple of years it'd be time for a whole paradigm shift, etc etc. :-(
Brett Graffin 08/02/14 14:48:38Hey, it's my birthday as well. Since, I was re-born when Delphi came out. Thanks to Delphi, I was ready to give up on programming for good in 1994 (C++ yuk). I can say, I'm here to stay with CodeGear.
Bob Swart 08/02/14 17:36:41I gave myself a present on Delphi's birthday: a new web server machine running the bobswart sites and the weblog application. Migration seemed to have been without any problems at all (and much faster)... Now where's that glass fibre when you want it? (yes Phil, I know, it's called "fibre optics") ;-)
Peter Sirca 08/02/14 17:38:34Happy birthday Delphi and all the best to all who love Delphi !
RRUZ 08/02/14 18:06:18GO DELPHI GO. I am falling in love of DELPHI. I love you DELPHI
sanhome 08/02/14 19:14:37My congrads to all of Delphi fans and users. Especially to those who are using it since version 1. Does anybody remember those times? DOS + Win 3.1 + D1 = Revolution in Software development. Good luck to all of us !!! With glas of bear :-)
Serge (Moscow) 08/02/14 19:28:48Thank's for DELPHI - the most surprising and magnificent tool which was created by great people. Success also we wait for new your victories !
Howard 08/02/14 22:28:13Sadly, I bid goodbye to Delphi. The tiny company I was working for (and stuck with D6) was gobbled up by a multinational megalith, and now everything is going to be re-written in C#. They can't (or won't) find any more D6 programmers here in the DFW, TX area, and there are only 3 of us left at the company now. I'm getting too old to be out looking for another software job, so when this one ends (probably next year), I will go back to teaching children how to play the violin (
Bob Swart 08/02/14 22:45:06Howard: perhaps you could also teach kids how to use Delphi and make their first compositions as developers ;-)
Yariv 08/02/15 14:06:32Bob, two years ago you estimated that 'the best is yet to come'. You were so right... Long live Delphi!
el guache 08/02/15 21:50:17no sean mamadores... delphi es lo mejor de lo mejor dejen de mamar..
Bob Swart 08/02/17 14:41:15According to bablefish, the above translates to English as: "they are not mamadores. delphi is the best thing of the best thing let suck.".
I don't exactly follow this, but hope it was meant as a postive thing ;-)
Igor Skomorokh 08/02/17 22:13:34Happy Birthday!!!
Josir 08/02/28 01:21:24Hi Dr.Bob. It was a great time indeed when Delphi came to town. But you could count the hole Turbo Pascal journey!! Turbo Pascal 1 was the first development tool that I bought $99!!! The best investment I did in software since now.

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