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Skype Answering Machine offline

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 10/14/2005 5:12:44 PM (GMT+1)

Those of you who tried to call my Skype answering machine (with Skype handle "drbob42") may have noticed that it's been offline for the past few weeks, and may wonder why...

The reason is simple, really. The Skype answering machine was running on my own PIII-850 Mhz (512 MB RAM) machine at home, running Windows 2003 Web Edition, with a 1 MB / 512 KB ADSL connection to the internet.
But apart from Skype and the Skype answering machine, this machine also hosts my webcam, some of our private photobooks, and the ECO II ASP.NET weblog application (at port 4242, something some people are also complaining about since their firewall cannot open that port it seems).

Running all these applications - as well as a firewall obviously - was enough to bring the machine to its knees. In fact, the Skype answering machine calls that I've had in August were all very bad, distorted, etc.
And the machine started to hang at times (only to be found by me in the morning, when I had to reset it).

I tried several things, but experiments showed that Skype itself used most of the processor resources. Not the answering machine, but the Skype Client itself! So I decided to shutdown Skype and try for a few days, and the machine hasn't gone down since (this was well over a month ago).
Frankly, I find the weblog and webcam more important than the Skype answering machine experiment, so I just left it offline. Sorry...

FWIW, Skype seems to be suffering from its own popularity, since I've had mainly bad Skype connectiong (also using Cable - my other ISP), and when I was in Frankfurt I just had to call home the "old" way using my mobile phone instead of Skype. I wonder if we can do the "24 Hours of DeXter" event using Skype, or if we have to resort to using "real" phones again ;-)


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Bob Swart05/10/26 16:14:02Well, the 24 hours of DeXter went ahead using Skype, and apart from some delays and echo, the sound quality was fine (better than I had expected for many of the world-wide connections). Way to go Skype! (and way to go Borland DevRel for the 24 hours events, of course).

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